rumors are for free and truth worth a billion

29-08-2018 12:04 PM News In English 363

rumors are for free and truth worth a billion




 A day not long ago, one of the people in front of my eyes entered a petrol station to fill his vehicle, and another simple one was standing on the roadside knocking the glass of the vehicle,  and his voice was high directing a tip the driver, saying " why are you filling from here ? Fill from AlManaseer station because the owner is a Jordanian citizen “ But I did not know at the time the driver’s reaction, who left the scene and did not enter the station.
Yes Engineer Ziad AlManaseer is a Jordanian citizen, and one of its important economic pillars in which the social media has been preoccupied during the past few days, with gossip about him through the release of his gang, and rumors about his intent to liquidate all his work in Jordan. As a result of its work in the group projects that extend throughout the Kingdom. 
On the impact of rumors, the Manaseer Group confirmed that what is being circulated through social media sites is baseless, and that the group is carrying out a huge project in Aqaba Economic Zone at a cost of one billion dollars to establish an industrial fertilizer complex, and provide 4,000 direct and indirect job opportunities for the people of the region to push the wheel of economy in it “therefore have mercy on the citizen of the country" and stop messing with people's minds.

Translated by : Yasmeen AbuBaker


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