The minister of education or the maker of hope 

-2018-02-19 20:36:14 | News In English

The minister of education or the maker of hope 


Critical questions were answered by Alrazzaz and the first of them was about the students who deplete their rights in Tawjihi exams .

200 depleted students achieved with an average rate of 96% and above . Including the first of the kingdom . 

Alanbat-furat Omar 


The minister of education Omar Alrazzaz reversed his mastery and calmness over the reality at high school exams .he gave his personality some recognition as proof of passing the exam without the usual series of horror which was its happinesses kill the innocents and victims . 

What happened at the beginning of this week is inseparable from its normal context. Alrazzaz enriched the social media sites with a humanitarian perspectives , sometimes by raising the morale of the students and sometimes by calming the infections of their families and dissolving their anxiety in the lab of tenderness .finally  by granting the degree of respect to the students who made us proud of having defeated cancer and exam with on stroke I mean the creator Mohammad Al Majali.

 What is absent from all this atmosphere is equal to the importance of the attendant and perhaps a little more , the exhausted students achieved the right to apply for the high school exam success by touching the edges of the miracle by up to 77% after being denied the instructions of the previous ministry to take the exam after exhausting the number of times allowed to take the exam amount of four times and the paradox that 200 students of them succeeded in high school rate of 96% and what is left the most surprise that the first of the kingdom was a an exhausted and she is a girl , which means that we had pushed a group of our finest youth into the abyss and provided them with all the causes of hatred 77% of whom the exam is that they were carrying one or two at the most , that is , their high marks obtained in previous years . 

AlRazzaz or the maker of hope brought back to life young people of the age of roses and gave a generation of glimmer of hope sometimes with a joke such as «Kamel Nomtek» and sometimes the dignity of his message to the mothers and humanitarian weapons of communication with people and sense their pains and these are the only weapons for ARazzaz.

Translated by Diana Hilal