Netanyahu in Washington to arrange the opening ceremony of the US Embassy in Jerusalem. 

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Netanyahu in Washington to arrange the opening ceremony of the US Embassy in Jerusalem. 

Hamas confirms understanding on six files with an Egyptian guarantee and the release is coming . 

Alahmad : Gaza is stolen and we agreed to resolve the security file. 

The US Ambassador: Israeli control of the West Bank in the interest of Jordan and Egypt.

AlAnbat -Qusai Adham 



For reasons that can be linked to the Egyptian-Qatari disputes in the Palestinian arena, the representative of the State of Qatar in the Gaza Strip has reserved the entire hotel rooms, which the visiting delegations of the Gaza Strip used to stay in, especially Egypt's security and political thwart the moment of Palestinian-Palestinian rapprochement, following the return of the Hamas and Fatah delegations from Cairo, agreeing on fundamental points of an Egyptian guarantee, as a  Fatah official said who sees the Fatah-Hamas rapprochement as a concern for the small state.

About the details of the meetings and the expected outbursts, a member of the Central Committee of Fatah movement Azzam al-Ahmad said that it was agreed with the Egyptian side two weeks ago that the Rafah crossing would not remain hostage to terrorism in Sinai. And he stressed that the suffering of the people of Gaza will only end the division and start a new stage in reconstruction and he added  "We hope that we and Hamas will remain in serious and not formal contact with the implementation of the reconciliation agreement, and we will continue to extend our hands to Hamas so that it can heal itself through its mercy to the Palestinian people and at the forefront our people besieged in Gaza.

In addition , he stressed that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will not leave and that Fatah will remain steadfast in its unity and that Gaza will return to embrace the homeland no matter how it continues to be robbed. He said that the government will continue its duties towards our people in Gaza, As for the Gaza electricity file, Al-Ahmad confirmed that there are preparations to solve the problem radically, pointing to an Egyptian agreement to raise the capacity of Gaza feeder lines from 28 MW to 50 MW as soon as possible.



Al-Ahmad stressed that the thorny issue between the two movements, "the security file," will be resolved in a final agreement with Hamas and that Hamas continues to bear its responsibility without opposition from Fatah. Al-Ahmad hopes to continue serious communication with Hamas for the terms of the reconciliation of full agreement .and there must be one  case for the organization of internal security consistently and continuously.

The Palestinian Authority has made a pledge to the Egyptians to pay the agreed part of the salaries of the Gaza employees (appointed by the movement) next month if Hamas handed over the financial levy to the government of Al-Wefaq, which was accepted by the movement, provided that this is done with an Egyptian guarantee, Hamas confirmed that it had agreed to start the work of the technical committee to integrate the civilian staff of Gaza in the middle of next month to accommodate the staff of Hamas in the Ramallah structures, with the adoption of years of service since their appointment in Gaza.

The old -New agreement between Hamas and Egypt regarding the security situation along the border with Gaza is still ongoing. According to Khalil Al hayyah: Hamas has agreed on six issues: pressure on Abbas to lift the sanctions, pressure on Israel to ease the siege, Easing the suffering of Gaza by opening the Rafah crossing and introducing the needs, as well as implementing reconciliation and accelerating it, in addition to protecting the borders and finally the future of the Palestinian cause.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that he planned to hold a formal ceremony on the same day following the US President Donald Trump's decision to move the embassy to Jerusalem on the anniversary of its independence . Netanyahu said that the official ceremony would be held with the participation of ministers, Knesset members and others. And her added  added that we have "contacts with other countries on the transfer of embassies, a matter of time to be followed by other countries in the United States and the transfer of embassies to Jerusalem," Netanyahu is scheduled for the weekend, a visit to Washington and New York, lasting five days, and Sage During which he met with President Trump in the White House, and that his visit comes "to support Jerusalem and the security of the State of Israel," and he will discuss with the US President how to prevent Iran from continuing its aggression on the region."

At the same time, the US ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, referred to the two-state solution yesterday, saying that this option is only possible in a way that does not constitute a Palestinian state a threat to the region. Therefore, it is important that Israel has broad security control. In the interest of Egypt and Jordan as well ".


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