Fadhil al-Hamoud and the need to search for caches of crises

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The Director of Public Security offers his strategy to all

Fadhil al-Hamoud and the need to search for caches of crises. 

AlAnbat -Furat Omar 

To entrust the presidency of a sensitive apparatus such as the public security apparatus to a professional officer who is recognized for his integrity gives the citizen a sense of satisfaction and confidence. This is not enough for the size of the unresolved crisis between the corridors of Jordanian society and crisis platforms or crisis hideouts at any moment.


The caches of the crises can be launched at any moment.

Al-Basha Fadhil Al-Hamoud, the director of fresh public security, presented himself in an unusual precedent on Jordanian television to the public opinion. This is a way that we hope to continue on many screens. The crisis needs a societal consensus to confront it and not only a policeman's arm. This can not be enforced without opening up to the community and media components.

What was the duty to talk about is not the daily or superficial questions about the existing event it was hoped that the old Pasha talk about the new engineering architecture in Jordan, which is witnessing innovative criminal patterns and innovative, from robberies to fraud to the growing phenomenon of royalties and the phenomenon of citizens resort to The owners of the primacy to protect them and collect their rights as well as benefit from the curse of the medical report, which equates the holder of precedence with the ordinary citizen.


There are caches of crises in Jordan and the birth of a breach of security, as the colleague  Fares Habashneh said that they need a successful security review and more discerning and awareness and responsibility, without waving to return to the old tools that exceeded the national situation Vdhp stadiums and there are protected by the slogan and money and the slogans of movement that come a lot Often printed and ready for owners of national agendas ,Who invest in the pains of sincere mobility and exploit the courage and the rush of youth mobility.

What is required first is that the new Pasha be liberated from the old system, relying on the security language. The first official in the apparatus is demanding the leadership of any movement to correct and restore things to normal.

The national trinity adopted by Basha al-Hamoud reveals a conscious reading of the gloomy situation. Without the prestige of the state, the rule of law and the dignity of the citizen, we can not pass through the tunnel of the difficult situation we live in, but with new innovative tools

Translated by Diana Hilal