Guatemala breaks AlMalki from his silence and reveals what had been left unsaid .

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The authority mourns its Arab hinterland 

 The Arab regime has not respected its resolutions on Palestine.

The weak Arab position of Jerusalem is what encouraged America and others . 

AlAnbat - Qusai Adham 

A rare criticism by the Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki of the Arab countries comes at a time when the horizon for the Palestinian leadership is narrow and difficult, with the lack of options in facing the American century deal , The Palestinian foreign minister said: "The failure of the Arab states to adopt and implement their resolutions has encouraged the United States in its current approach, adding that "Our failure ( Arab countries) to adopt our decisions over the past many years has encouraged the United States to continue its wrong approach.and its false decision on Jerusalem, which also encouraged a small state, such as Guatemala, to decide to transfer its embassy to Jerusalem. "Although al-Maliki praised the efforts of the political leadership, Arab and international, to prevent prejudice to the capital of the State of occupied Palestine (Jerusalem) and end the occupation,He expressed dissatisfaction with the implementation of the resolutions adopted by the Arab system on the Palestinian issue.

Maliki's anger came after comments issued by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Guatemala said that Guatemala will not accept any attempts to pressure from any Arab country, explaining that the Arab countries "have no possibilities to pressure Guatemala,"Maliki said," This boldness by Guatemala comes only after reading the Arab positions unable to carry those decisions that taken over the years, If we are unable to carry such those decisions, how can we prevent Guatemala or others from taking such a step ".Maliki's remarks express disappointment in Ramallah of the Arab reaction to the Trump decision on Jerusalem, as well as the regional and international engagement with the Palestinian cause. President Abbas rejected the US position on Jerusalem , And all subsequent pressures on him .Instead, he proposed a Palestinian peace plan, based on an international conference until the middle of this year, which would result in a multilateral international mechanism for reference to the Arab Peace Initiative , Recognizing the state of Palestine on the 67 borders and freezing the US decision on Jerusalem, But the plan also did not receive the support Abbas had hoped for any immediate interpretation on the ground. Maliki acknowledged that the Palestinian plan put forward by President Abbas is still a proposal,and he said  "The idea of ​​holding the conference is still a proposal, but we are trying to form the largest coalition by many countries that adopt such positions,"he added "Once the Arab countries, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the Non-Aligned Countries have adopted the conference, we also spoke before the EU ministers on this matter,and when we feel that there is a regional and international consensus on these ideas and acceptance, we will start moving in place and date of the meeting ", accordingly "When we talk about an international conference, we want to bring as many people as possible to ensure its results and outcomes”. ,he also said   "When we complement our individual efforts within Arab groups, we can draw those conclusions, especially when we have a large number of ready-made countries to work with us,And attend the conference, and adopt such ideas, and take responsibility for the formation of the multilateral reference, then we will talk about the date of the meeting ", In front of this great neutrality, Abbas's options remain virtually non-existent, since he is not thinking of changing his allies or turning over the political process and with a lack of horizon, Abbas sticks to political negotiations as the basis for the solution, ignoring calls by the Palestinian opposition to cancel agreements with Israel, And to resort to armed struggle. Palestinian opponents do not like Abbas's approach, given that he received a blow from the United States after a quarter-century of negotiation , Where it calls for factions and academics and former officials to find alternatives to the negotiating approach, some of them based on the dissolution of power, or the adoption of a one-state solution, some based on the declaration of armed struggle, and another demanding the resignation of Abbas himself ,But in the vicinity of Abbas, they say that these proposals are not a region or process, and perhaps is a kind of bidding on the man who told the Americans: No.

Translated by Diana Hilal


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