Alshraidah: The operation of the new port of Aqaba in the middle of this year

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Alshraidah: The operation of the new port of Aqaba in the middle of this year


In the presence of  almbaiden  and officials at the “Aqaba for the management and operation of ports”



The head of the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA), Chairman of the Aqaba Port Management and Operations Company Nasser Al-Shuraideh, revealed the plan to evacuate and transfer the old port of Aqaba to the new Aqaba port, 25 km from the center of Aqaba. In the presence of the Director General of the Aqaba Company for the management and operation of ports, Engineer Mohammed Al-Mubaidin and all directors and heads of departments in the company.


Al-Shuraideh stressed that the Aqaba port management and operation company is responsible for implementing the plan of departure of the old port to the new port and it has the capacities and human, technical and administrative competencies to ensure that the port is carried out with the highest professional standards. The plan also took into account the post-departure stage in environmental, social, economic and service.


He pointed out that all the plans that established by competent committees to transfare the port from its old location to the new one developed in collaboration with specialists and concerned  from the cadres of the port where all the new port facilities is ready before next april25  and the discharges from the warehouse before 30 from same month and all loading and unloading operations will stop in the old port by may 1 accompanied by the transfer of all kinds of equipment and machinery from the old port before the end of next April.


Shraidah  added that the removal and demolition of the facilities of the old port which will become part of the Marsa Zayed project will be attended by the Jordanian Armed Forces, especially the removal of old silo buildings and that the plan took into account the water and electricity networks.


He stressed that the new port will have 9 berths operating at full capacity before the end of next July, stressing that the operations of the departure from the old port to the new port will be documented photos and video


The Aqaba Railway Authority said that transferring the Aqaba Railway Corporation to a government-owned company and within the strategic assets managed by the Authority would enhance the operation and efficiency of the ports system. The port would also link the port of containers, the industrial port and the new port with Wadi Al-Yatm station. Longitudinal linking of sea ports to the land port in Ma'an


Al-Shuraideh assured employees of Aqaba Ports Management and Operation Company about the human resources system, the financial system and the employee's acquired professional rights according to the new company's system.



In turn, the Director General of the Aqaba Company for the management and operation of ports, Engineer Mohamed Al-Mubaidain said that the cadres of the company are fully aware of the company's mission and vision to serve the national economy and they are exerting great efforts in this area, stressing their ability to implement the plan to transfer the old port to the new port within the time periods included in the plan axes and advanced standards



He added that the new port of Aqaba is one of the important elements in the maritime transport sector in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and the main center for various economic activities and has the advantage of competition with neighboring ports despite all the challenges and circumstances and changes that prevailed in the region and the world, The application of several procedures represented in the introduction of advanced technology in the work of ports, With the application of a list of allowances for suitable services and flexibility in giving incentives to importers and exporters to enter into agreements to ensure the quantity and a specific period of time to reflect the benefit to the national economy and be supportive of it and look forward to more coordination and cooperation with the port operators from the agents of shipping lines and clearance companies, Governmental and non-governmental bodies, Who are connected to the maritime transport and ports locally and internationally. The Aqaba Company for Port Management and Operations is keen to continue to develop and modernize the infrastructure and absorb all that is modern and specialized in ports and train and qualify the employees to reach the highest standards of performance and quality and reflect the accumulated experiences and experiences acquired by the port of Aqaba through past decades .



The new Aqaba port project is one of the main economic projects that the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA), as the general mandate holder in the region, seeks to implement as part of its main plan. And will contribute to the development of the city of Aqaba and turn it into a gateway for the transport of logistics and transport of multiple models. And thus will contribute to increasing the capacity of the Jordanian ports system and to maximize the logistics capacity of the economic zone and strengthen the economic sectors and support the Jordanian market and thus contribute to the development of the city of Aqaba and put it in the middle of the spotlight, regionally and internationally, as an investment destination and tourist attraction.




The port system, which was established in Aqaba and is close to completion, is a comprehensive system that meets the needs of the Jordanian economy for the next fifty years and works to enhance the competitiveness of Aqaba in the field of industry and logistics. The port system will contribute to the development of the city of Aqaba and turn it into a logistic gateway for multimedia transport modes, It will increase the capacity of the Jordanian ports and will increase the logistics capabilities of the region, which is pushing the economic sectors and the Jordanian market. It also places Aqaba as a global destination and a tourist, investment and logistic center and a business front on the Red Sea.

Translated by Diana Hilal


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