The inability of the official and ignoring the needs of the citizens

-2018-04-08 22:40:29 | News In English

 Popular and trade union tensions and the high level of harshness in statements and protests because: 

Trade unionists warn of the collapse of the situation and the return of the movement of the street

Alzyod: The government turned on its signature and decisions

Alhaded : Official abstention from implementing peremptory court rulings

Amman -AlAnbat - Qusai Adham 

A former official did not shy away from describing the prevailing atmosphere as similar to a political atmosphere that preceded the Arab Spring in its first version,After the protests responded to the demands on seven strategic levels, "Electricity workers, teachers and workers in the sector of refinery oil and chemicals and construction workers and the Secretariat of Amman and others"Which means that the country is coming to the roughness of the clear in the deal between the official bodies and workers and their representatives, who accuse the government parties of the inability and reluctance to take the decision, according to the statements of trade unionists on the iron and Khalid Ziyud, officials of electricity workers and refinery.

What is revealed by the statements of trade unionists confirms the inability of official sectors to interact positively with the outstanding labor issues between vital sectors and official officials who deal with the management of suspicious back to the crises,Where they refrain from implementing peremptory court rulings and deny agreements signed by them in a frank compliment to the employers. Ironically, most of the coarse clashes are with companies wholly owned by the government or the government contributes a great deal to the completion of the series of paradox, they are profitable companies,

Where the Jordanian Petroleum Refinery transferred the amount of 153 million dinars to the Treasury as profits, and this amount does not include the high taxes collected by the refinery from the citizen and converted to the treasury and the taxes on oil derivatives between 23% to 60% of the price per liter account to the statements of Khalid alzyod . 

The figures of the revenues of the high refinery are not less than the figures that the Jordanian Electricity Company supplied to the treasury, where the trade unionist on the iron head of the union of electricity workers that the revenue per fils imposed by the government as an increase on each kilowatt of electricity achieves a return of 17 million Treasury and a simple calculation, Electricity prices recently with a total of 15 fils, with an estimated return of up to 255 million dinars in the year of the last shelves only, Denying that the electricity sector is exposed to any loss'.

He also called for reviewing the privatization agreements of those companies that have lost many millions to foreign companies and denounces the increase in the salaries of workers in electricity companies and the implementation of agreements and jurisprudence, where the government has only raised the salaries of senior officials leaving technical workers and maintenance teams in the wind.

Many of the troubling details of the recent working conditions and the discrimination between workers are mentioned by many of the workers after many companies began to benefit from the loopholes of the labor law, which implicitly allows trafficking in human beings, according to Hamada Abu Najma, former secretary general of the Ministry of Labor and legal activist for workers rights.Abu Najma asserts that there has been a major expansion in the change in the labor system, where companies contract with service companies to provide workers and contractual responsibility with the service company and not with the employer, which leaves workers with many of their rights.

Where you can see two workers doing the same work, one of them live comfortable working conditions of insurance and guarantee and in return the same worker who does the same work is bound by a contract and a barber does not include any insurance.

The harshness between the professional and labor unions is not the only one that revolves against the new team that entered the government, but there is a migration of more pressing political crises that are being expressed in the provinces, specifically in the city of Salt,

Which leads to the possibility of access to a dead end, according to the former official, who is very optimistic about the existence of solutions and exits for successive crises,The most common denominator between the political and trade elite is the condemnation of the deficit and reluctance of the official official who became more cowardly, less productive and more advantageous. This made the Jordanians heavily circulate royal statements that the king in Mafraq governorate said about his "frown”Which worries the popular street and its reasons are the performance of the negative official, waiting for the translation soon translated into procedures of ownership open to popular optimism.

Translated by Diana Hilal