American crowd and Russian warning amid Arab calm

-2018-04-13 00:48:54 | News In English

American crowd and Russian warning amid Arab calm

Hussien Al Jaghbeer 


No doubt that the world is seething now , the rate of the prospect of American escalation towards the Syrian file is increasing  With President Donald Trump's announcement of White House options towards a strike against Syria , while the Russia’s warning voice , within the calm of Arab .

In the light of that , the concerns of ignition the situation in Syria ,which evacuated stations just in case of the expected strike ,Is growing amid anticipation that the situation there to the extent of confrontation between Russia and Iran and Western countries, led by America and France.

Questions are raised about the extent to which Washington can be implemented

For a blow to the Syrian army on the pretext of retaliation against the background of what is rumored that a chemical attack used on the city of Duma, killing dozens, most of them children .on the ground, many questions should be asking , which consist in the results that would result possible American’s strike .To a country in which many international parties, led by Russia and Iran, are fighting, the two countries that will not be embroiled in their heritage in Syria. This legacy has been the result of their participation over many years in the conflict there,Where they will not allow Washington to change the balance of power, in this way, and the areas controlled by each party on Syrian territory,One of the questions raised is the power of the strike and the nature of the targets. If Washington decides to strike hard, will it destroy the military power of the Assad regime from planes, airports, command centers and communications?Or will it be a small strike targets as targeting a military base or two bases, so that such strikes will not have a clear impact on the ground ?In both cases, Russia and behind it Iran and Hezbollah will not stand idly by in the face of this escalation. No one can guess how strong these parties are, nor can one predict how far this confrontation will last.The question also arises: Does the US president have a strategic plan for what he is doing, or does he declare that this state of war is an "arrogance" supported by a hard line of officials and advisers?In Arab countries, the silence is hovering over the atmosphere, although the Arab countries are the biggest victims of any escalation in the region, which is already suffering from crises and conflicts that are raging in Arab relations, which are at their lowest levels.Arab weakness is pushing the region to wait for what will happen to the situation, as a result of a decision to be taken by the head of a Western country targeting a land disputed by non-owners, but there is no doubt that this wait will be a disaster and tax that everyone will pay it

Translated by Diana Hilal