The drums of war kneel and five signs of approaching

-2018-04-14 20:43:18 | News In English


The King began his return by visiting the General Command

The drums of war kneel and five signs of approaching

The US president canceled his visit to Peru and the defense minister canceled his activities


The battleships were set off and the medium was fired with rockets and aircraft carriers 

Russia is courteous and Syria does not rule out reckless behavior

Amman - AlAnbat - Qusai Adham 

King's return to Amman after a private visit can not be considered a visit to the General Command of the Armed Forces, a traditional event that the commander-in-chief of the armed forces used to do periodically and after most of his visits,The region is knocking on the drums of war and the planes and the rapid intervention vessels are being destroyed. The king begins his visit by visiting the armed forces,Confirms that the roar is not only warnings and threats, but waiting for pressure on the trigger only and Jordan to raise readiness to the highest levels.

The signs of war or a major blow can be inferred from President Trump's coup and canceled his visit to Lima, the Peruvian capital, he was to take on Friday for the South American summit,Where Vice President Pines will visit as well as cancel all activities of US Defense Secretary James Matisse, who canceled the planned events for the end of this week, specifically where Matisse canceled his attendance at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco scheduled for Saturday,As well as the cancellation of effectiveness at Stanford University in California on April 16, Fox News reported quoting US officials that Matisse also canceled his tour in Nevada.

The second potential evidence: The news of the cancellation of Matisse's participation in the events scheduled for this weekend comes after the White House announced that US President Donald Trump would not attend the Latin American Summit in Peru to "oversee the US response to Syria," the spokeswoman said. White Sara Sanders.

The third possible evidence: In parallel, the US newspaper "Stars and Stripes" reported that the US aircraft carrier "Harry Truman" with a group of warships heading to the Mediterranean Sea, and sailed from the base of Norfolk Navy in Virginia to the Mediterranean since Wednesday morning The group includes a number of destroyers, including missile destroyers.

US media also point out that a second American destroyer will enter the Mediterranean waters in the coming days, as well as the destroyer of Donald Cook in the eastern Mediterranean.

The fourth possible evidence: US officials said that the Pentagon presented President Trump with many military options that might be used to "punish" Syria for the chemical attack. Trump has held a meeting with the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Joseph Danford, on the subject.

The fifth potential evidence: In addition, the tone of the letter to President Trump, who talked about the possible withdrawal of US troops from Syria a few days ago, must be pointed out. Trump clearly suggested that he considered the Syrian government or the "Bashar Assad regime"According to data from the White House, responsible for the alleged attack, although no independent investigation on the ground, and discussed with other Western leaders "a collective response and coordinated" on Syria,It can be inferred from Trump's recent tirade that "our missiles are coming to Syria and Russia has to prepare."

Russia's response to Trump's comments came through the Russian Foreign Ministry that Trump smart missiles should target terrorists, not the legitimate government in Syria,On the other hand, the Syrian response was brief, as the Syrian news agency quoted a source in the Syrian Foreign Ministry as saying that Syria "is not surprised by such a lax escalation of a regime like the American regime that has sponsored and continues to sponsor terrorism in Syria"

The atmosphere of war and the smell of gunpowder are in the area where civil aviation is preparing to change course and direction, despite the announcement by Royal Jordanian in an urgent news that its normal flights are unchanged. 

Translated by Diana Hilal