Arab pressure to prevent spoiling the ceremony of transferring the US embassy to Jerusalem

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The authority blocked the voice and massages service , Egypt brought haneyeh with a military plane . 
Arab pressure to prevent spoiling the ceremony of transferring the US embassy to Jerusalem. 
Alayed to AlAnbat : We supported the Palestinian demand for an Arab meeting to respond. 
Mizher: Telecom companies told us that they received orders from the highest possible authority to stop the messages. 
33 countries participate in the Washington ceremony and alanbat releases the names. 
Amman - AlAnbat - Qusai Adham 

A few hours after the Palestinian scene, the celebration of the transfer of the US Embassy to Jerusalem with the participation of 33 countries, mostly from Africa and South America and with the limited participation of European countries, despite the announcement of the European Union boycotted and refused to transfer the embassy in particular, as well as the province of Russia, China and Arab countries, which has official relation With the Zionist occupation

The Arab institutions to confront the transfer of the embassy are still in its shaky Arab framework, and perhaps the pro-choice obstruction. The Palestinian Authority has chosen to invite the League of Arab States to meet at the delegate level next Wednesday, 

The Jordanian ambassador to Egypt and Jordan's ambassador to the League of Arab States, Ambassador Ali Al-Ayed, told the news agency that he had assigned the Palestinian request for a second state request

At this moment the decision did not assigned from the representative of Jordan until this report , while the ambassador of Jordan  in Egypt and the Jordanian ambassador in the league of Arab states Ali alayed said to AlAnbat that he assigned the Palestinian request waiting the assign of other countries to request.Where the Palestinian demand for the convening of the support of two countries to become a meeting exists, stressing the absence of any Arab country from the countries associated with the Zionist entity agreements for the ceremony of the transfer of the US embassy, ​​and the media had been invited to participate in the Egyptian celebration.
 ,The why Arab step  to face the decision to transfer the embassy and its implementation on the ground, turned from shame to pressure to prevent any inconvenience to celebrate, where an Egyptian military aircraft transferred the head of the political bureau of Hamas from the Gaza Strip to Cairo to meet with the Egyptian intelligence director who told Hamas strongly The level of Palestinian anger to its minimum, and reduce the popular crowds on the security fence next week, which would see attempts to penetrate the West Bank and Gaza, and Palestinian sources confirmed that Hamas responded to the desire of Egypt.

The Palestinian National Telecommunications Company (PNA) and Jawwal and Wataniya (JAWAL) have been in contact with the National Mobile Telecommunications Company The Supreme Commission for the march of return and break the siege, and refuses to send text messages and voice to participate in marches today

For his part, the leader of the Popular Front, Maher Mezher, said that the telecommunications companies suspended the agreement to broadcast short messages, on the pretext of a decision from the highest authorities in the Authority not to deal with the marches of return. He added that the Authority has disabled an agreement for the Supreme National Authority for the return journeys, And the national to reserve voice messages and text to circulate to the people in the sector and invited them to participate in the march, the fourteenth of May, the sources revealed that a meeting will be held for the Commission on the subject of the agreement with the communications companies on sending text messages to mobilize the masses to crawl.

Palestinian groups and popular groups have confirmed before the visit of Ismailia to Egypt, that the comprehensive strike today will be spread throughout the Gaza Strip, for the broad participation of millions of anger, in the face of the US administration and the Israeli occupation to break the siege and refused to transfer the US embassy to Jerusalem.

The following is that AlAnbat published a list of the names of the countries that will attend the transfer ceremony of the US Embassy:
United States: In the presence of Ivanka Trump, the daughter of US President Donald Trump, and Chief White House adviser, Jared Kouchner, heading a 250-member delegation including Treasury Secretary Stephen Menuchin, Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan

EU: Four countries will participate: Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania.

European countries are not members of the European Union: Albania, Macedonia, Serbia, Georgia, Ukraine
African countries: Ethiopia, Angola, Cameroon, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania, Zambia, Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ivory Coast.

The Latin American States will participate: Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Peru and Paraguay.
Asian countries will participate: Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam.

Translated by Diana Hilal