The reasons of interruption of the bilateral communication between the Arab leaders

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His majesty called Mahathir Mohammad, Erdogan, and Al Safadi chooses American channel 

The reasons of interruption of the bilateral communication between the Arab leaders

Abbas was busy in a operation in his ear , and he refused to talk about Gaza massacre. 

Turkey insulted the ambassador of entity , and South Africa withdrew its ambassador .

The British and Swedish position is stronger than the Arab positions

Amman - AlAnbat - Omar kalab 

In a paradox that is the strangest in the history of the official Arab state system, the newsrooms have not been active and the Arab media have not been informed of bilateral communication between the Arab leaders. As if what is going on in Palestine is a minor catastrophe after the Great Nakba and its memory does not deserve a bilateral telephone between the Arab leaders,The Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas did not address Gaza and its massacre after its first media statement after the black Monday in Gaza, only to support the two-state solution and its adherence to the peace process after conducting an operation in his ear .



The paradox of the interconnection between Arab leaders, perhaps revealing the nature of the bilateral relations on the Palestinian file, which opens the door to the king's bilateral contacts with Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan,Which means that the Islamic back in the face of American arrogance and arrogance Zionist has become more useful than the Arab position, which indicated Deputy Prime Minister Mamdouh Abadi, former to be an accomplice and a hypocrite, This is reminiscent of what Egyptian journalist Mohamed Hassanein Heikal said about the timing of the transfer of the US embassy to Jerusalem. Heikal said that this will happen on the day Egypt is silent and Saudi Arabia agrees, Three days of massacres and painful decisions, and the official Arab silence is the master of the situation, amid a remarkable Turkish and Iranian movement. European statements from Britain and Sweden are superior to the Arab and Palestinian statements. This may also reveal King Abdullah's recourse to his internal institutions to support the brothers in Palestine and European and Islamic countries. The Zionist killing machine and the confrontation of American arrogance, which even dominated the Jordanian-Israeli peace agreement by invading the Hashemite guardianship over holy sites,Amidst Arab and Palestinian silence, unless the Palestinian president was unable to listen to the statements of Kouchner and Netanyahu.The state of Arab rupture has withdrawn on religious times, where the Arab countries were divided into two parts in the timing of the proclamation of the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan, so as not to reduce any of it, these times were tied to Saudi time, and perhaps the first time that Arab countries differ from the Saudi time,After the Arab street became accustomed to violating Oman and Libya for these times only, and some followers of the Shiite sect in Lebanon, the Arab discipline was a sign that the opposition to Saudi positions or the opposition in the Palestinian and Gulf issues took the religious approach as an expression of political opposition.

The absence of bilateral telephones is dedicated to the fact that the size of the gap between most of the Arab capitals in the Palestinian issue is greater than circumventing it by a bilateral phone that is bound by the agreement to seek support for the Palestinian cause,The ambassadors of the Arab League met at the ambassadorial level and met today with the Arab foreign ministers, while Turkey expelled the ambassador and humiliated him at the airport as he left. South Africa withdrew its ambassador from Tel Aviv,Erdogan's phone is never quite , as is a spiritual telephone. The phones of Arab leaders entered the circles of silence. Were it not for protected phones, we would have said that they would not pay the dues because they have not been paid for national dues.

The King met with the Council of Policies and its address to the leaders of European and Islamic countries and the selection of Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi, an American station to present the Jordanian position,Reveals that there is deeper than the Arab declarations announced about the transfer of the embassy and the deal of the century between the Arab countries and Jordan feels the Arab disappointment and he began to search for a wider space of the Arab League, which lost all the credentials after failing to address all the Arab files.

Translated by Diana Hilal