The battle of Jerusalem: the king and the four Musketeers

-2018-05-20 14:38:33 | News In English

The negativity response of the Palestinian National Authority, The silence of the United Arab Emirates and the acceptance of Egypt .

The battle of Jerusalem:  the king and the four  Musketeers

Saudi Arabia wanted to limit the responses to the League of Arab States

Turkey ignited the response and Safadi fought it without diplomacy

Kuwait and Qatar have willfulness Saudi Arabia about the Jerusalem case

Amman - AlAnbat - Qusai Adham 

Observers celebrate the reading of the Jordanian delegation's to the Istanbul Extraordinary Summit, which is one of the sons of the late Hussein bin Talal, may Allah have mercy on him, under the leadership of their dean, his majesty king Abdullah II Ibn al-Hussein, He was overcome by joy and jumped from the scene of the concern and determination that governs the Hashemite and Jordanian continuous since the declaration of Trump Jerusalem as the capital of a unified state of the Zionist entity,The Jordanians needed to see the sons of their kings, the Albanians, as one league. The joy overshadowed the analysis and the festivity was overrated.

The inability of observers to capture or refuse to take it to account the political moment and the coups of alliances in it is the Gulf alignment against the Saudi-Emirati position , Although the title is Jerusalem and the holy sites, the Prince of Kuwait and  Qatar are standing with Erdogan which is  definitely a message to Saudi Arabia,Perhaps the Jordanian diplomat read this accurately. The Jordanian delegation was uncommon. It is necessary to fight for guardianship, state and investment of the moment, so the five fighters were the delegation to Istanbul.

Since Friday, before the bloody Monday in the Gaza Strip, official Jordan has been wary of the actions of President Mahmoud Abbas, who dealt with the bloody expectations with political ease, despite the constant warnings from Egyptians who brought Ismail Haniyeh quickly but without productivity at least in the first week,Which Haniyeh requested, to escalate to reach a settlement with the Egyptian side provided that the Zionist side is committed to more economic openness and ease the siege and open the crossing.

The signals coming from the Authority are not reassuring to Jordanians, and the Egyptians have sent a vague message that we have to wait for the Saudi signal before any reaction. Official diplomacy is living in isolation with Hamas, the active player in resisting the Trump decision, Which knows Jordan has implications for the legitimacy of its existence in the sanctities and the extreme, political recognition will be followed by a sovereign recognition and all this will be withdrawn from the balance of Jordan there and will begin drying up the Hashemite custodianship of sanctities and has ratified the expectations of Jordan,Kouchner began hunching the statements that precede the final dance, and underestimating the value of Kouchner lack of political character speech contrary to reality, the statements came out of the holder of the file of the Palestinian cause and the godfather of the deal of the era.

Abbas's soft message and the lax Egyptian stance towards the Hashemite tutelage prompted King Abdullah to respond immediately to Call Erdogan , In a presence that draws the attention of the world and not only the Jordanians,it Was a strong message to all parties, whether for who’s supporting the statements of Kouchner or the parties that want to watch until the end of Almkassra on guardianship and the mandate or those parties that have already shackled positions in favor of a Gulf alliance does not see in the custody of the file a major but sees the Hashemite trusteeship obstacle in the way of solution has succeeded this alliance In buying Egypt's position and neutralizing Abbas's position at least.

The battle that Jordan is waging today under the title of guardianship is a red line, carrying regional titles that are silent and shocking,Saudi Arabia wanted the Arab League to be the venue and was supported by Egypt and the Palestinian Authority, while Kuwait, Qatar and Jordan were affected by a broader response from a foreign ministers' council.

Jordan feels abandoned by the authority and Egypt in particular and seems to be moving towards diversifying its political and diplomatic basket and producing a new alliance from Turkey, Qatar, Kuwait and Jordan,After Abbas sat waiting for the result of Almkasra between Turkey and Saudi Arabia, and without less damage to Jordan, which led the harsh responses through his smart foreign minister.

Translated by Diana Hilal