The Vice-President's curse haunts Al-Maliki's government

-2018-05-23 00:28:29 | News In English

The president’s  response  to the treatment, the absence of the political project and the escalation of some of them

Siraira without a program of work after losing the weapon of potash checks

Hassan managed to manage the economic risks and became the scene of new transformations

The ministers of politics are unemployed and Momani is waiting for a jump in the missions

AlAnbat - Amman - Omar Kalab 

The closer minister to the Prime Minister did not deny His inability to read the phenomenon of replacing the seat of the Vice-President in the government of President Al-Mulqi for more than once and with astonishing acceleration, but did not deny even the lack of faith in the same idea after giving more than a chance on the ground,Al-Mulqi  re-used the position of Deputy Prime Minister, who was absent from the successive governments, while retaining the number two in the government list of this privilege without naming him a deputy.

The reason for the talk is existential about the role of Deputy Prime Minister Jamal Sarayreh in public and political life,Since sitting on the seat of the second man in the government, only some provocation of the parliamentary and some harassment in the political reality,The similarity of these harassment, preventing desires, is not a political stirring to produce a parallel or alternative situation, nor is it a harmonious part with the government performance,That is to say, to produce a political environment that is capable of neutralizing the economic transformations that led by  al-Mulqi  government.

The use of two deputy prime ministers at once and outside the government team has taken many shades, Not the first of which is the benefits of the president's health status, and not the most recent of which is the distribution of burdens to a president who has not succeeded so far in delineating a political presence for his government or, as the farmers say, "he has no political talent", although he succeeded in implementing decisions, procedures and boycotts that many governments can not do ,  not one government in six surgeries. But the impression of the weakness of the government is still present, and this has been drawn on the figures of the vice presidents, who ousted three of them in one fell swoop, one of which was passed on to governments.

It is appropriate to talk that the ministerial team has become confused and inconsistent, after the president's response to the treatment and his return to practice his work in government,The Vice-Presidents, without any clear tasks and specifically the First Deputy, took the second deputy Jafar Hassan some economic files and became the Maestro economic team and the view of the new economic transformations,In contrast to Sarayra, who succeeded so far in creating a secret and ambiguity on the post of Deputy Prime Minister, which was ignited by his predecessor Mamdouh Alabbadi and returned to heat it.

The government today lives without a political role capable of assigning the economic transformations or economic corrections that considered by the government,In terms of self-reliance and stop wasting and rehabilitation of citizenship through the standard of taxpayers in preparation for new transitions in the relationship between the state and the citizen,Not on the rentee base where the citizen is grateful for the service, but on the relationship between the taxpayer and the service entitlement.

The political behavior of the government is ambiguous and perhaps closer to the deficit, the minister of political and parliamentary affairs outside the coverage, and little movement and communication despite the talk of his proximity to the President,And the first deputy lived a period of experimentation social networking without potash checks, which opened the doors socially closed,The man without communication skills and without a political project and the Minister of State for Information does not exercise his skill in communicating with the public and he was hoping to show the inability of ministers of politics after the Momani became a transient of governments and adhered to the seat more than a sticker,Which should be upgraded to advanced stages of government.

Until now there is no clear explanation for the secret of the lack of steadfastness of the Vice-Presidents in the government of the Councilor, and here it is worth mentioning a non-political analysis by a former political minister, said that the character of soft softener tempts his deputies to take up his seat and thus talk rivalry,And the man is holding all the files in his hand and does not give powers to his deputies and most important of all that the chemistry is difficult and it is rare to find those who come together with this volatile chemistry and temperament despite praise for their integrity and that the man is diligent and has what to offer if they get rid of the knot of doubt.