The week of the hidden entertainment In the Jordanian society 

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It started with Jafar Hassan and finished with Princess Salma through the Faisali

 The monetary instruments deteriorate into their lower hips

Aldaaja feasting the wounded of Gaza and the social medians hurt the national unity 

Atiya asks with a sneer about the closed management room.

AlAnbat : Omar Kallab 

At the moment when one of the Jordanian tribesmen was overflowing with love for the wounded in the Gaza Strip and their accomplices at a breakfast party hosted by the clan in their honor, another person was sitting on the keyboard and swinging to defend Jordan after being hit by a rocket from a cynical writer who criticized one of his top football figures .

The paradox of the Jordanian moment during the past week is the national rift, the reestablishment of the term "Jordanian-Jordanian" and Taiwan or imitation, in case of absenteeism and preparation of the "third man" or "hidden entertainment" that ignites the virtual and realistic moment whenever he wishes.

The third man or hidden entertainment, according to a political writer, sits in a dark room and manages the virtual space and realistic procedures as well, so that official steps are not understood by many of the political class so that the state apparatus is out of service and became the question of prestige of the state and the question of the general mandate is present strongly, That "hidden entertainment" managed to manage the scene and tamper with it.

Before the revolution of the attack on the AlFaisali Club  which showed that there is a satisfactory condition of some of the "closed roads" when criticizing what corresponds to "fancy" or similar to the national symbolism of the other party or without the classification of "Jordanian - Jordanian," the anger reaches the ninth cloud, And naming the former deputy «Rula Alhroub» for its daily identity, but if the criticism of the "original" , the story is easy and its from  "her parents’ house ."

To return to the pre-revolution «Faisali» on the representative of the cynical follow-up high and mean «Imad Farajin» was retired military, writes an article about Deputy Prime Minister Jaafar Hassan, where there were a lot of serious charges, most notably that Hassan hated the «armed forces» The retired writer does not receive any evidence or reference to only a few personal charges of a man who was then single and lucky with blondes girls and I do not know why the level of criticism in our country descended to the lowest level of criticism, after political criticism was a high Jordanian milestone when the Arab could not open his mouth at the dentist.

What the Jordanian moment is witnessing is the repercussions of the virtual worlds, which soon spread like wildfire among the Jordanian public and disrupt public opinion.

The story of Al-Faisaly and Jafar Hassan, and their weak treatment, may have opened up an audacity for the virtual world to slander Princess Salma and falsify her bracelet by removing the seven-star from the Jordanian flag and then fabricating statements on her tongue.

All these events took place in one week and a few weeks before the American leaks that the deal of the century will be announced next mid-June . 

To justify the "Jordanian" throats or thus present itself against "non-authentic" throats to defend national symbols at a moment that is not only alien to the Jordanian society, but also in the face of the worst onslaught against Jordan and Palestine, "as MP Khalil Atiya who is upset that these issues appear in a moment says that Jordan faces the most dangerous Zionist onslaught supported by US support and Arab complicity.

Translated by Diana Hilal