Abbas is deceiving the democracy by holding decision and money 

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Officially and without official meetings and in collusion with Erekat

Abbas is deceiving the democracy by holding decision and money 

Cancellation of the Military Service and the Department of Expatriates in the PLO

The abduction of the National Fund and its annexation to the powers of the President in an unprecedented step

Amman - AlAnbat - Qusai Adham 

developments are less described as dangerous and coup against all Palestinian and national norms and standards, Where President Mahmoud Abbas abolished the military service in the PLO and replace it with a human rights department with the same person in charge of its administration,In a move that the PLO has completely dropped all Palestinian factions outside the Palestinian homeland and pushed them to lay down arms or sell them to terrorist organizations,At the moment when human society was talking about the return of the networking theory produced by the martyr Khalil al-Wazir to increase the cost of the occupation, Abbas comes and closes the military circle. 

Abbas did not stop but has completed the pressure ring on the Palestinian society and the Palestinian factions that a precedent has not occurred since the founding of the PLO to bring together the political presidential post and the first financial position headed by the Palestinian National Fund,At a time when Lebanese satellite channels are reporting the news of corruption in deals bearing the names of the president's son,And the completion of money with politics means that Abbas became the iron man in Palestine, who has the decision and money with the continued suffering of the Palestinian situation of his disdain and not accept any opinion contrary.

Without political noise and in a move similar to the goals of infiltration into the world of football, the Executive Committee, in the PLO named the functions and positions of members of the Executive Committee,In a "formal" and without formal meetings, and relied on coordination between Secretary Saeb Erekat and the Chairman of the Committee Mahmoud Abbas and the new distribution form surprises of the heavy caliber,An explosion may have occurred between some of their alliance with Fatah and its president and formed a cover for the provincial council.

surprises consisted to do the cancellation of the department of expatriates, which was under the responsibility of Taysir Khalid the leader of the Democratic Front, and to attach it entirely to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,Khalid was not assigned any task, although the Democratic Front formed an important cover for Abbas's recent council and was promised by the vice president of the executive committee and the secretariat,Sources said that the abolition of the Department of Expatriates came at the recommendation of the Fatah official Jamal Moheisen,Explaining the cancellation that democracy is used by the Department to build continuity with the Palestinian communities in the destination and diaspora.

The biggest and most dangerous paradox was the cancellation of the military service in the PLO, where the sources confirm that it came by order of Abbas and in response to an Israeli request,And the establishment of an alternative department called "human rights" and was assigned to the benefit of Raafat the leader of the Fida Party, which was in charge of the military service.

The rest of the divisions did not violate the usual where the Department of Popular Organizations was withdrawn from Mahmoud Ismail and handed over to Abu Yusuf's request by the Fatah movement,And the official of the popular organizations Tawfiq Tirawi, after differences in the recent period of the highest authority, and was granted the Department of Social Affairs Secretary General of the People's Party Bassam Salhi,And the division of Arab and international relations into two circles, one of Azzam al-Ahmad, called the Arab circle, and another in the international circle and handed over to Ziad Abu Amr.

Abbas continued to surprise the Palestinian situation and hold all the joints of power or, according to the expression of a Palestinian source, "confusion of authority" that the responsibility of the National Fund of President Abbas directly,And the former did not occur since the founding of the PLO, the sources pointed out that the responsibility of the President will be transferred in practice to his economic adviser Mohamed Mustafa to manage the sub-fund,Ahmed Abu Houli received responsibility for the Department of Refugee Affairs and Ali Abu Zuhri Department of Education.

Translated by Diana Hilal