Jordan : We are  seeking to preserve the unity of Syria

22-06-2018 08:14 AM News In English 356

Jordan : We are  seeking to preserve the unity of Syria

Amman-Al-Anbat, Rashid Al-Assaf

Some government sources notified “Al-anbat” that jordan posture from development in the Syrian south has been constant and has not changed , in terms of maintain  the agreement of cut the escalation in southwestern Syria.


The issuer said that jordan hopes that the include the areas of cut the escalation 

For Syrian varieties area.Also, hopes to avert any new military escalation or any infringement for appeasement in the south of Syria .

Therefore, he added that Jordan posture calling for the political solution to the Syria  n crisis involving all parties would restore security and stability in Syria ,stop bloodshed and preserve Syria’s integration into


Jordan ,Russia and the United States signed an agreement to reduce the escalation in south-west Syria which is still till now and calls Jordan to preserve it 

Reports indicate that the Syrian army to fight mercilessly in southern Syria , and to to purify  from the armed , the eastern ares of Al-Ghouta ,Yarmouk refugee camp and the black stones near Damascus 

Form the armed members 


Earlier, Syrian army planes dropped leaflets on several areas in Daraa province calling on insurgents to surrender and avoid fighting.

Jordan fears that the battle of the Syrian army in southern Syria will undermine the agreement to reduce the escalation and contribute to increase the level of migration towards the Jordanian border. It also fears that the battle will contribute to the movement of terrorist elements, specifically Khalid troop of the Dahedash organization in the areas of Yarmouk Basin towards the Jordanian border.


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