Razzaz turns against Emblems of the "fourth"

-2018-07-04 20:47:47 | News In English

Razzaz turns against Emblems of the "fourth"

‏Raising electricity prices by 7 fils per kilowatt

‏408 million dinars Treasury revenues from the item of fuel price differences

‏The difference goes to pockets of power generation companies at the expense of the citizen

‏500 MW Electricity received by the government in the waste after paying for it and the beneficiary? !!

‏The fuel pricing committee is controlled by the hawkish movement and the Jordanians ask: Who are they?

‏The Minister of Finance completes his predecessor's approach and does not change the economic mind of taxation

‏Alanbat - Omar Kallab

‏The government of President Omar al-Razzaz does not need the speed of exposure, it is just one of the rings of governments that fell on the pocket of the Jordanian citizen and it is just a soft face to the government of Dr. Hani al-Mulqi, a pro only male and not a program, after raising electricity prices by seven fils / kW, To restore the four settlements that overthrew the government of Hani al-Mulqi and increased by three fils, despite its commitment to fix the prices of fuel, which exceeds the price of world prices recognized by all experts.

‏The government of Al-Razzaz today turned on the first cheers shouted by the throats of citizens on the fourth round, and it was to stop raising fuel and electricity prices, and the first proof that the economic mind has not changed, and that the new Minister of Finance is just an instrument of implementation of the approach of his predecessor Omar Malhas, As well as its predecessor by 17 fils since the adoption of the item of fuel price difference on electricity bills, while the government of Dr. Omar al-Razzaz raised the item by 7 fils one strike, or 41% in less than one month, although each filth increase of 17 million increase Of the treasury.

‏24 fils total item of fuel price difference on the electricity bills since the work of this item and the simple way is the treasury revenue annually 408 million dinars, that this item alone has achieved the payment of the budget deficit after external grants, and if we calculated the profits of the treasury of fuel taxes of 46% Gasoline 95 and 26% on gasoline 90 and 7.5% on the kerosene and diesel becomes a confusing scene and push to ask difficult questions about the government's respect for the citizen's mind and digital accounts, which indicate a major imbalance in the state budget and spending. Half of the budget comes from taxes and duties If we combine these items, we will divide them B and fuel profits and revenues from taxes, it means that we are a state with sufficient.

‏Ali al-Hadid, chairman of the syndicate of workers in electricity confirmed in statements to the alanbat that the government does not lose a fils  in creating electricity, but this lift is to compensate the electricity creatin  companies for electricity created  without use, as the government is committed to purchase all the production of electricity companies, whether used or not used any The government is raging citizens in order to achieve profits for electricity creation companies, especially private created companies, from which we buy electricity at varying prices ranging from 12 piasters to 8 piasters under the name of alternative energy and clean.

‏Eng. Abdel Fattah El-Daradkeh, general manager of the National Electricity Company, which carried us according to government statements, a total debt of 4 billion dinars, does not deny the iron that the company is obliged to buy all electricity production, but confirms that the price of Brent crude has risen, which means the reversal of this rise on the cost of electricity production But it is in a greater contradiction when the news reports that Jordan's consumption of gas to produce electricity has decreased, so why the rise in electricity prices, we asked Daradka, who responded to the six in the pricing committee you can contact the engineer and Mr. Rabbani of the pricing committee and the Energy Authority and the last we could not reach to her .

‏Al-Daradkeh and Al-Hadid confirmed that prices rose by three fils. However, the pricing committee or soqour current in the pricing committee, according to the description of iron, insisted on raising prices by 7 fils, although voices within the committee stressed that it is not necessary to raise electricity prices.

‏The question that preoccupies the Jordanians still exists and they have produced many jokes and stories about it. Until now, no one knows about the pricing mechanism of fuel and electricity or the names of the members, so much so that the Jordanians today are saying three times that we do not know where the Gog, Magog, Mahdi and the  Fuel Pricing Committee in Jordan 

Translated by Dana Al-Shoubaki