Jordan finished the seven years lean and waiting for the fat years 

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"The share " under the Syrian flag, what is our share? !!

Jordan finished the seven years lean and waiting for the fat years 

Three stages of the Jordanian position of the Syrian crisis and the deal of the century resolved the matter

The boldness and hardness of his majesty prevent Jordan from getting bogged down in the sinking of the Syrian south

The policy of closing the border and cutting off logistical support for the Syrian opposition is the main reason for the decision in Daraa

We do not want to get involved in a media battle with Syria, which is trying to inform the oil and gas

AlAnbat - Omar Kallab - Jordan 

If Yusuf al-Siddiq in his interpretation of the dream of Aziz Egypt has founded the culture of the seven lean years,The same applies yesterday to the Jordanian official, who spent seven years on the northern border and is monitoring and follow and engage positively and negatively with the file compressor on the Jordanian nerve, As if the "share" of Jordan from the Syrian crisis and its repercussions, concern and walk on the tight cord between Damascus and the capitals of the region, which closed the smell of the collapse of the Syrian state and built its vision on that before the Syrian state inventions solutions to the crisis,started From Hezbollah to the Iranian capital, Tehran, and from the production and analysis of the experience of the preacher and her sisters, before the Syrian file is proudly placed on the office of the Russian presidency and its tycoon Vladimir Putin.

The seven lean years ended on the northern border, but not the requirements of the interpretation of the dream of Yusuf Aziz of Egypt to be followed by seven fat years, the first day after victory is the most dangerous from the day before,The memory between the Jordanian state and the Syrian state has been tight on a delicate axis since the 1970s,If the Jordanian eye had sunk yesterday for the first time without the shooting of bullets and the roaring  of the guns, that did not mean the sustainability of the situation,What is stuck between Jordan and the Syrian state in its comprehensive sense, the Syrian regime and its regional and international alliances,And that requires the recycling of political angles in Jordan, which has a relationship with the strongest player in the Syrian file, Russia,and the  most importantly, he exercised a balance and a positive role in closing the headache for himself and the Syrian state in the southern sector bordering on more than a delicate chord.

The war rooms, the forging of corpses, the colorful blood and the volatile dust of the country of salt, gas and oil, quickly began to ignite the fears of Jordan,Through the publication of videos and statements to the poles of the Syrian equation, and of course you will find a lot in the personality of the brother of Syrian President Maher Assad, who sits alone perhaps on the list of media targeting by virtue of his biography and his performance in the military confrontations with the Syrian opposition factions,Which ate the innocence of the Syrian revolution since its first months and turned the revolution into a mere candy caught by the armed factions subsidies dollars crazy and the flies of the universe tourist for the Emirate of the unfortunates find where Aljawari Alhassan and the uncircumcised,To discharge diseases and hatred,This is the first task facing the Jordanian state and its crisis crisis to deal with the post-conflict situation in Daraa and its environs, without paying attention to the kitchens of the military media in the capitals of revenge and the most violent infidels.

The behavior of the Jordanian state passed through three stages during the duration of the crisis and its seven lean years. The first was what was like Jordan's involvement in the Syrian file under the pressure of a terrible triad, Washington at the time of Obama - Hillary and the Gulf states, which gave a large grant to face the burdens of regional and subjective situation .

The most serious, though internal, was the Muslim Brotherhood, in its historical version and linked to the Egyptian incubator in all its details,Which filled the smell of power in Tunisia and Morocco and sit on her seat in the brotherly Egypt, and despite all the pressure of the terrible Trinity, Jordan has maintained the interference without involvement,King Abdullah remained alone in the slogan of a political solution to the Syrian crisis with violations of behavior that the Syrian leadership understands well and understood more than once. The size required of Jordan and the soothing heads of Syrian state supporters could have led to completely different tasks. King Abdullah's personal and continuing to carry the slogan of a political solution and not to divide the Syrian soil.

The second phase was the beginning of the Jordanian shift from the pressure of the Trinity, but without action on the ground. Its goal is to protect the Jordanian borders, ie, the deterrence phase and prevent the arrival of violence and terrorism to its soil.

Based on the exit of the Muslim Brotherhood from power in the three countries, the most important of which is Egypt and the decline of the influence of the group internally and the most important departure of the US administration disturbing Jordan, which carries an anti-program and contrary to the Jordanian vision,This administration saw the Brotherhood as an exceptional alternative to all regimes in the countries of the ring and sought to do so with softness and harshness,This was the beginning of openness to the Russian Foreign Ministry and its policy towards Damascus, with reservations remaining on the regional partners "Iran and Hezbollah"Especially after the Gulf-Iranian relations entered the phase of complete rupture following the burning of the Saudi embassy in Tehran, which was the result of all the sectarian and political tensions and territorial disputes in Yemen, Syria and Bahrain,This is perhaps the most critical stage for Jordan and the most pressing pressure on its sensitive nerves, where the Gulf demands can not be tolerated or implemented amid unprecedented Gulf stresses on involvement in the Syrian file and contribute to the war in Yemen,Jordan emerged from that stage with economic burns of the highest degree and possible political burns.

The third stage was the clash of the Syrian file accurately according to the Jordanian reading with the draft settlement of the US for the Palestinian cause known as the deal Century, and here began the Jordanian policy more bold and more painful,If the victories achieved by the Syrian state in areas far from Jordan, Jordan has painted the features of the new Syria to resolve the battle for the benefit of the State, which removed the danger of Jordan by the transfer of infection to him,The investment of this matter was reversed so that the border with Jordan reservoir Baroud can explode in the embrace of Jordan if it is proven its position on the deal century,Jordan moved to the last step in a clear alliance with Russia to produce a final solution to its northern borders began to pressure his allies from the Syrian opposition to accept the Russian project and secondly cut off logistical support from the other armed factions and tighten the closure of the border not to open any hope to the population there is not accept the political solution and this is how it was . 

The three stages are over and the Jordanian eye has closed quietly after the lean seven years, but the construction to make the coming years years thick requires new time and formulations, despite the end of the headache of South Syria alone raises the degree of hardness of Jordan in the face of the deal of the century and slapped and this is enough to believe that the features of the coming years at least not bad and hoped to be fat and this is supported by a Russian opinion says that Russia's interest in opening the crossing share to be Jordan's share of the breakthrough .//

Translated by :Diana Hilal


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