Revitalize the northern border 

09-07-2018 04:38 PM News In English 501

Revitalize the northern border 

Husain Al-Jaghbeer

As long as the Jordanian policy succeeded in dealing with the various foreign files, the most recent of which was the file of the Syrian brothers on the northern Jordanian border who abandoned  them to enter to the Kingdom for several reasons, most notably the fears of terrorists, In addition, the local economic situation is intolerable and does not empower more refugees, since the international community must take full responsibility for them, and Jordan can’t handle that alone . 

The Jordanian decision was extremely intelligence and correct. The security, stability and inferiority of the Kingdom is the supreme Jordanian interest.and can not be ventured into it all, under any circumstances, international pressure.

The Syrian refugees are returning to their home safe and sound after Syrian forces took control of the Nisib border crossing, so there is no need to bring them into the kingdom. The scene was clear to Anman that the story was only a matter of time and everything would return to its natural condition.

Despite the Jordanian political and security stance, the humanitarian situation was in its best form, where the popular gift to help the Syrian brethren is through providing them with food and drink, besides government assistance.

In light of what happened, and ended, the time for Jordan is very important, as it is necessary to work quickly with the Syrian side in order to reopen the border between the two parties,where the two countries are in dire need of the recovery of trade between them, thus improving the economic situation, the years of civil war in Syria,Which has been extended since 2011 and took many benefits with it for the two parties .

In the past years, when the talk was about the re-opening of the Nisib border crossing, and activate the movement, the Jordanian position is clear, as long as he refused, arguing that it is controlled by armed organizations, and Amman want to have coordination with her official bodies , single identity, and clear.Now, after all that has been achieved on the ground in the region of the Syrian Genocide, the government should speed up direct talks with Damascus to coordinate security, and economically, to invest in the opening of the border crossing,Which feeds the two countries, taking into account any subsequent developments.

The figures here speak, and it is necessary to retrieve the statement of one of the officials in the Amman Chamber of Commerce, when he estimated the losses of Jordan as a result of the final closure of the border with Syria by about 10 billion dollars carried by various economic and service sectors.

Jordan decided to close the border crossing in front of the movement of passengers and the transfer of goods after the control of the Syrian opposition at the Syrian port of Nisib for security reasons, which will no doubt re-read the scene in light of the current situation and development, because it is an economic option is irreplaceable at this sensitive stage.

Translated by : Diana Hilal


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