Retract the social contrac

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Government whisper to AlAnbat 

Retract the social contract

Adjusted after the confidence to prevent the rapid explosion of the ministerial team

Intensification of discussion papers and a brief executive program Highlights of the government statement

The street can not tolerate more lost slogans

AlAnbat - Qusai Adham 

Not because of the foggy term and lack of objective conditions in Jordan, the government retreated from the slogan of the social contract, which its president has been repeating on multiple occasions,the minister revealed that the slogan is no longer a government priority and may leave the statement of government confidence is passing by in dignity to save face,President Omar al-Razzaz is not controversial in the problematic sense, but he believes in dialectical theory or dialectic science, which accepts the principle of movement of objects and materials and their contradiction, The term essentially undermines in the state and I mean the constitution, which is described as a rigid law.

The minister insured to the days before the social contract, capturing to AlAnbat for the retreat, in response to pressure from the deep state kitchen,fearing to move the term to the rest of the terms and slogans advocated, demanding the production of a cohesive work system leading to change in approaches and methodology without the launch of slogans tired Jordanians to hear and failure,Successive governments succeeded in producing the logo of the Jordanian street agot before it itself turned on the slogan and prepared it despite the spark of its beautiful launch,the term social contract has become parallel to many of the slogans that have provoked the Jordanian population to their collective understanding of the state and its role,It is even closer to the concept of the company, which was propounded by savage liberals in the first half of the previous decade.

Involvement in the slogans and initiatives to make the Jordanian street haunted by boredom and lack of confidence, and the accumulation of the gap between the government and the street,Two decades ago, decision-making kitchens have launched initiatives and slogans that transcend the need of the state and the need for a vast empire, Since Jordan is  first and the determination and we are all with Jordan and the agenda and dialogue, without completing one of these projects and by the way also the completion of an initiative and a logo out of its content as the rest of the slogans.

According to the minister, Razzaz turned early that this slogan may open the doors of criticism Hellenic, specifically after the inability of his ministerial team to define the meaning and building logo,The Minister of Political and Parliamentary Affairs revealed a great weakness during an interview with Jordanian satellite, which explains the meaning of the logo and its implications when it was reduced by disclosure and transparency without the rest of the contents,Without knowing that the slogan means to restore the form of building the relationship with the citizen on the basis of citizenship, justice, equality and the rule of law, and all these terms are still confused and vague in the minds of Jordanians, according to the results of the latest poll conducted by Nama Center .

On the other hand, people's confidence in justice and equality was low to the level of concern, which means that the Jordanian still has faith in the state and its strength and ability, but does not trust the general behavior of the class of government and the executive in particular,Before embarking on a new slogan that weighs the social contract, the government must succeed in removing this systemic imbalance in Jordanian public behavior. The sense of strength of the state increases the high level of trust in the military, security and security services.

The luster of the motto coincided with the high hopes of the street by President al-Razzaz made him more cautious than getting involved in a new slogan - despite its lack of constitutional productivity - in it a lot of political seduction and the possibility of doubling the hope of a large sector did not understand until now the meaning of the social contract and its national circumstances and its environment,By virtue of the supremacy of the monarchy first and of the deep-rooted Jordanians of their state,And this will make the attack on the government more ferocious if the disruption of the implementation of the promises of the people,The percentage of the balance of the capacity of the polls 30% is determined to go down to the street to demand the departure of the government of Al-Razaz and a larger percentage reached 84% supported the downfall of the street to overthrow the government of the Muqki, that people knew the road of the street, whether self-interest or otherwise.

The government's statement today will be bold summaries of the discussion papers launched by his majesty with a time-bound executive program,"This is a skill that Al-Razzaz is sure to do and will win more if he conducts a cosmetic operation on his ministerial team after the confidence, as many leaks and statements from his new ministerial team say."

Translated by : Diana Hilal


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