Eddie Cohen "Ascherioti" New Age and some Jordanians follow him

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Where did the question "Where is the King" come from?

 The King's leave for years in July and Salamah confirms:This is Hashemi's tradition since the founding king

Why is the atmosphere tense in the absence of the king? A question is posed to the ruling class

A year ago the embassy incident today is motee incident and the events of Nissan

Alanbat -Omar Kallab 

At the moment that does not cost the Jordanian itself Pressing on the search engine Google and ask about the annual leave dates of King Abdullah II,His fingers publish all the Zionist media tweets of the tenth grade called Eddie Cohen and transmitted as facts, despite the internal hostility of the Zionist entity and knowledge that it is based on the idea of ​​a pedantic depends on the fraud and skepticism and broadcast rumors to sabotage the  atmosphere of the Arab countries as a whole, how to Jordan and Palestine exclusively,After the Jewish  of the state, everyone should know that the conflict has become a direct Jordanian Zionist, not a proxy.

His majesty  for many years began his annual vacation on July 1, a tradition that has been going on for years,But Jordanian writer and journalist expert and specialist in  Hashemi matter Ahmed Salama surprised everyone when he said that this Hashimi tradition has been in place since the rule of the founding King Abdullah I, who was spending his vacation at this time of year,This came during his response to answer a question to a young and promising journalist said  "that the Jordanian street asks where is the king,Of course, the essence of the whole question is based on the wishes of the Zionist Eddie Cohen, who has become a Twitter specialist against King Abdullah and his family, the latest of which is his tweets on the visit of Crown Prince of Amazon Which exceeds the market capitalization of the major oil countries, where the market value of about 700 billion dollars and says the Zionist prince is a shareholder, and unfortunately there is someone who circulates the story without reading the market figure.

It is true that the circumstances that accompanied the King's trip and his permit are exceptional according to the opinion of the Jordanian street due to the events of the smoke issue, but it is not an emergency that necessitates cutting off the visit and return,The government is making a positive effort on this issue and we have long demanded that governments take their role,As a reminder, the king had already left his vacation last year after the attack on Jordanians at the Israeli Embassy at about the same time, where the incident took place on 24 - 7 - 2017,For those who do not know, the king traveled to a summit with US President Donald Trump and his administration, also a traditional meeting of the king with the US administration, followed by the Sun Valley Economic Summit and his annual vacation.

The shift of Jordanian memory and not of its heritage, as hoped, is the one who dared to exaggerate the Zionist on the spread and he sees his twittering is widespread, but he is present in the letters of Jordanians broadcast on social networking sites weaken their presence on Zionist media sites,It is worth mentioning that most of the issues that preoccupied the Jordanian public opinion took place in the absence of the king, from the events of April 1989 until the arrest of Laith Shabailat to the embassy incident and the issue of smoke,Which requires asking about the secret of this re-events during the absence of the king since Hussein, may God have mercy on him, to Abdullah, may God protect him.

The strangest question to ask is not to link the Zionist obsession with attacking the king and the weeping over Jordan at a time when the Zionist state is opening the war on Jordan and its national identity,"This is a declaration of war against Jordan," Hassan al-Barari says one of the few who is not the only one who has read the Hebrew archives and knows exactly the extent of Zionist hatred against Jordan and the Hashemites in particular, AlBarari store secrets and accurate information about the involvement of dead characters in the relationship with the Jewish Agency and the names we have been national, but unfortunately the opposite.

Zionist media disciplined and controlled on the Hebrew time,And able to invest maliciously and unfortunately there is no Jordanian or Arab flags able to dismantle his chip until the moment after the sinking of the Arab and Jordanian media in the drumming and hazing and conceal the facts,And nature does not accept the vacuum succeeded the Hebrew media in the occupation and occupation and became Iskrita Cohen is the reference on which we are based.

Translated by : Diana Hilal


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