Palestinian reconciliation after the truce with the Zionists

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After the demise of Israeli barriers and the arrival of the green light of the US and ensure the benefits of Egypt

Palestinian reconciliation after the truce with the Zionists

Hamas is committed to a long truce with the occupation under the auspices of Egypt - Russia

Fatah in front of approval or give Gaza autonomy with Egyptian support

The prisoner exchange deal with Germany and the reconstruction of Gaza to boost the Egyptian economy

Alanbat - Amman - Qusai Adham 


There is no need to read the positive atmosphere of Palestinian reconciliation on the Egyptian soil, to analyze sports and dismantle logarithms and the endorsement of political machinations,To the extent that you need to be skilled in the installation of local and regional Lego pieces together, to discover that the most prominent event, is to lift the Israeli rejection of Palestinian reconciliation conditional on a truce with the Hebrew state,Or the achievement of consensuses with Hamas under the cover of Egypt if the intransigence of the Fatah movement on reconciliation, has revealed the Israeli Energy Minister, Yuval Steinit In an interview with the website of the newspaper "Yediot Aharonot" Zionism, saying, "My personal belief is that we are on our way to a long-term arrangement with Hamas with cooperation between Egypt, the United Nations and Israel. "

Statements by a member of the Israeli Cabinet of Ministers for Security and Political Affairs,Comes in the context of a very complex regional necessitates emptying the Hebrew entity into complex files, he says:"We are not concerned with the existence of a humanitarian crisis in Gaza, we are with absolute calm and ready to consider the economic and humanitarian measures should be implemented because this will leave us to devote to important issues such as the Iranian issue and the Syrian issue and the Iranian position in Syria, stressing that personally supports such an arrangement without disclosing details" .

The Zionist minister revealed the secrets of Egyptian optimism, which opened the doors of reconciliation in addition to opening the ports to Hamas to settle unilateralism, the intransigence of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and his movement,In addition to factors that prompted Cairo to change its position,The first is the presence of a green American light; the second, the development of security cooperation between Egypt and Hamas; and third, the great economic interest in Gaza reconstruction projects,Palestinian sources speak of an active Russian role in reconciliation. Russian President Vladimir Putin plays an important role in reconciliation and reconciliation. He has strong ties with President Mahmoud Abbas and Abdel Fatah Sisi, along with Hamas and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The four files put forward by the Egyptian sponsor with the Fatah delegation, led by Azzam al-Ahmad, a member of its central committee, reveal the depth of the Egyptian-Hamas interest: "reconciliation, calm with Israel and the exchange of Palestinian prisoners with the four Israeli soldiers held by Hamas,As well as the Egyptian-Palestinian economic exchange, especially with Gaza, and although Egypt prefers the return of authority to work in the sector and supervise directly all projects, including the Rafah border crossing,But if it does not respond, Cairo will work in the Gaza Strip in cooperation with the United Nations and Hamas.

Egyptian sources confirmed that the response of «Fatah» on the Egyptian paper included remarks focused on the formation of a new Palestinian government,The priority was to hand over ministries within the framework of enabling the current Government, then to consider a new Government,Fatah source said"We will not accept to be a cash changer in Gaza, responsible for securing the money, while Hamas controls all the keys to life and security,"Noting that Hamas had expressed its approval of the Egyptian paper early in particular after giving Germany a pivotal role in the prisoner deal file.


The United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East peace process, Nikolai Mladenov, has made proposals, in return for the truce, including projects for vital sectors (health, electricity, sanitation and water, temporary operation),Increase the fishing area and the return of crossings to the pre-March, and increase the salaries of PA employees by 6%, and finding a solution to the problem of Gaza employees,Mladenov's proposals also included embarking on a separate track to complete a prisoner exchange deal between Hamas and the Israeli occupation,These proposals in practice made the ground for the Egyptian paper and for the reconciliation file, which seems to be living its last chapter or at least establishing the exit of Gaza from its deadlock in the event of Fatah's rejection.

Translated by : Diana Hilal


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