Billion euros French loan .. and a proposal to strengthen the security of the Jordanian border

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Billion euros French loan .. and a proposal to strengthen the security of the Jordanian border

The French Foreign Minister Jean-Louis Laudrian announced additional support to Jordan worth 1 billion euros in 2019-2021,To help them shoulder the burdens of Syrian asylum. During a press conference held by Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi at the Foreign Ministry Said that he has a proposal to protect the security of the Jordanian border and will be briefed by His Majesty King Abdullah II, praising the role of Jordan in receiving the French air force to eliminate terrorism.

He added  "We always get to Jordan and to positions identical, especially in Syria," stressing that the mini-group is a joint initiative to develop a roadmap to emerge the region from the Syrian crisis in a political way.

He explained that there are many French investments in Jordan, and these investments will continue for years to come.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Ayman Safadi said in the conference that the French aid amounted to 6 million euros in 2016, and French investments in the Kingdom of 2 billion dollars,Stressing that there is a remarkable rise in trade exchange between the two countries.

Safadi stressed the existence of a genuine agreement and partnership with the French, to find common prospects for resolving crises in the current situation in the region.

He added "We are partners in the existence of a political solution to the Syrian crisis and end the suffering of the Syrian people through the small group and Jordan part of it, in addition to ending the suffering of brothers in Gaza,Stressing the start of a solid base in the cooperation between the two countries, and the existence of common objectives to end the crisis of the region.

Translated by : Diana Hilal


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