The Jordanian army bombard the elements of "ISIS " and kill some of them

03-08-2018 12:27 PM News In English 512

The Jordanian army bombard the elements of "ISIS " and kill some of them

An official source in the General Command of the Jordanian Armed Forces - the Arab Army said that at about 12 pm on Tuesday,As a result of the events taking place in the area of ​​the Yarmouk basin and the villages adjacent to our northern border and the clashes between the Syrian forces and the terrorist organization ISIS, whose elements were pursued in these areas along the Wadi Yarmouk area,Some elements of these groups tried to approach our borders, where the rules of engagement were immediately applied to them and all kinds of weapons were used by the 10th Border Guard Battalion,The bombing and cleansing of the whole area continued until noon on Wednesday without allowing any one of them to cross the Jordanian border. They were forced to retreat to the Syrian interior and kill some of their members.
Syrian forces in the area continued to chase them inside neighboring Syrian villages and towns to the Jordanian border in the Yarmouk area.
The Jordanian armed forces confirm that they are at the highest level of readiness to deal with any gangs or terrorist elements and by force and will not allow anyone to cross the borders of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan from these gangs that are being pursued and harassed in various locations of their former deployment inside Syrian territory.

Translated by :Diana Hilal


* تتم مراجعة كافة التعليقات من قبل ادارة الموقع.
* للادارة حق حذف اي تعليق يتضمن اساءة او خروج عن الموضوع المطروح, او ان يتضمن اسماء اي شخصيات او يتناول اثارة للنعرات الطائفية او المذهبية او العنصرية.
* للادارة الحق بحظر اي شخص يكرر المخالفات بنشر تعليقات غير مناسبة وايقافه عن التعليق بشكل نهائي.
* التعليقات تعبر عن رأي اصحابها فقط.