An extraordinary cabinet reshuffle called integration and agility

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His majesty in the presidency this afternoon

An extraordinary cabinet reshuffle called integration and agility

The completion of the file of independent institutions merged and canceled in parallel with the amendment


Alanbat - Amman - Omar Kallab 
The Prime Minister Omar al-Razzaz is moving in a limited space towards a cabinet reshuffle that carries a long-awaited aspiration from the Jordanians its a graceful ministerial team,By merging similar and closely related ministries. The merger and the necessary legal arrangements are discussed in a closed room supervised by Al-Razzaz directly and membership of a governmental legal team,So that the composition emerges without disruption of the vital functions of the ministry or a conflict and overlap in the functions and powers.

Al-Razzaz is also considering ending the file of the independent institutions by merging, canceling and staying the necessary ones, where the conflict and duplication between institutions and ministries will be canceled,It is also a step that awaits the Jordanian street and long wait, but Al-Razzaz is moving confidently towards this file, waiting for the completion of the file and submitting it to the King to take the green light and walk in the necessary legislative and legal measures.

Al Razzaz, who is witnessing a storm inside the house of civil society or supporters of the civil state, seeks to prevail over this political storm obsessed with popular support long-awaited vision of the Ministry of grace and an end to institutions weakened the prestige of ministries and pulled out of the state treasury a lot of money,Without any success or any significant achievement of the majority of those institutions of equity, there are institutions that imposed their rhythm and distinction is the number of fingers of one hand and the rest bureaucratic excesses that grew in the body of the state.

A storm of anger within the supporters of the civil state is reacting silently, after political shifts within this body, whose staff whispers that Omar al-Razzaz is not sufficiently reformist,There are those who say that it is not essentially a reform trend, and that the voices of disagreement are expected to rise a little later and come to the public through statements along the lines of the schism within the leftist and nationalist parties of the mid-1960s and fifties of the last century.

The stream of the initiative of one of the most powerful civil state currents and credibility, quickly succeeded in amputating the political benefits decisively and reverently and without trying to create vague and ambiguous adjustments at the expense of substance,Out of the parliamentary bloc more than a deputy silently and without noise, after the rejection of the initiative of any settlement or appease for its members out of the idea.

Al-Razzaz is working amid an unprecedented political situation, where he enjoys unprecedented public support unlike his team, in addition to supporting the few enlightenment and reform circles within the body of the state,Al-Razzaz is expected to visit the King's House on Sunday afternoon to receive additional support from the King, who paved the way for the government of Al-Razzaz to work without hindrance from traditional circles in the Diwan and beyond.

Translated by : Diana Hilal


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