Cohen passes the flag to Shalom and it goes on and on  A Zionist attack, a national silence and a popular response to the lies 

10-08-2018 03:59 PM News In English 436

ALANBAT- Amman – Nemat AlKhoura
Jordan almost got rid of the impact of Eddy Cohen’s tweets, until another Zionist activist came and is trying to achieve populism at the expense of the Jordanian street, which by the follow-up of the Zionist tweets attracted all people willing to more likes and the number of followers on his pages on social media increased.
Roni Shalom is another monster who launches his journalism in the form of tweets, but this time he seeks to blow up the system of community security and national unity. Accusing the Jordanian state of slaughtering the Palestinians in the middle of official scandalous silence, and Jordanians follows which can be described as shameful. It appears that the fragility of trusting the Jordanian press and the official word opened the appetite of all those who wanted a cheap victory. 
The legitimate question is to try to explain this phenomenon as a systematic media and a psychological war, which is being launched by Zionist spokesmen through poisoned tweets on Twitter social networking site, that affects Jordan and aiming the arrows to the three components of the  Jordanian state “People, throne, and army”. 
There are attempts to flatten the analysis of the attack and consider it merely personal efforts of writers and hands stained with the blood of Palestinian and Jordanian martyrs in order to gain followers, but what’s shown from the official behavior of the extreme right government in the occupied entity state, is that it’s a systematic war and with various tools aiming in its entirety at the King’s tough position against the deal of the century, and attempts to blur the Palestinian identity on Palestine land. 
Eddy Cohen and Roni Shalom posted yesterday dangerous tweets that affect the Jordanian social fabric after the failure of their previous attempts to fabricate the charges and the stories about the reasons for the absence of King Abdullah the Second. 
As they also tweeted provocative headlines on the lines of scrambling of normalization, that didn’t begin now. 
The Zionists have raped and assassinated the entire history of people, trying to plant sedition between the leadership and  people by sending out tweets that launches sound bombs that affects the Jordanian Royal family who have failed before and will fail again. All attempts to plant sedition and knocking the wedges among the people and the guarantee that settled in Jordanians conscience, I mean the King, the dean of the house and the guarantee of the Jordanian people from all backgrounds and origins.
Questions ask themselves why this attack now on the King, and attempts to hit national unity by the sons of monkeys and pigs who live on the blood of the martyrs of the heroes of Palestine?
The answer is clear , these media war games that the Zionist entity is waging came after the fiasco of passing the century deal through Jordan and the withdrawal of the Hashemite guardianship of the Islamic and Christian sanctuaries in Jerusalem , after Jordan stood in a clear position on the issue and the King decided “ Jerusalem is not for sale, the history will not change “ Jewish nationalism project will collapse as the century deal did, thanks to the solidity of the Jordanian position and the near impossibility of Western and European countries agreeing to return forms of racism and racial discrimination countries despite the support of the US administration.
What is going on is the settling of scores after the Israeli Embassy incident in Amman, and the public apology by Israel to Jordan, and the Jordanian diplomatic gain of the battle of the Embassy, and the king blocking all Zionist projects to settle the Palestinian case.
Those who listen to the Zionists tweets must seriously and consciously think that there is a great conspiracy being waged against Jordan, its leadership and people, and it must be addressed unabated. And here we ask where is the official machine and the Jordanian media to deal with the conspiracy? A question that draws an answer and anxiety.

Translated by : Yasmeen AbuBaker


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