Investors fled , scourge is known and the drug is available.

10-08-2018 04:18 PM News In English 439

Amman -Al-Anbat-Hussien Jaghabeer 

Talking about investment and facilitating the attraction of investors is not new , and while it is one of the most successive governments programs,  failure to do so and managing back for it is not new either , even if we talk about that will be boring , miserable , consumed and no need to use it, it is just words the government trying to describe it to mobilize it’s papers , even if it is about the response to the High letter of assignment or if it is to lead the trust of the parliamentary . The question that there’s no answer of it file is “Since we knew that Jordan is considered an environment repels investment , and we have the medicine for this disease, then why we didn’t inject the body of the Kingdom that is infected by this disease, by the antibiotics that helps to attract investors, and thats will lead the Kingdom to be in better economic status and if it is happens  that will help to solve plenty crises that Amman and others provincial suffers from it , over it head the poverty and unemployment, and the Jordan have secure and stable environment at odds neighbor countries  and it is breeding ground for any foreign economic project. However the investors have turned for its investment for many reasons that have been written about without any attention. The things that we always highlighted on “ killed bureaucracy”  raised  the tax , and the high cost of living comprising by  global and Arab countries in addition to dissuasive roles . Given that any investor is seeking to sustain his business and make a profit he will think  a million times before heading to Amman , and he will move on to another ideas , the mind cannot imagine that the obstacles placed in the face of investment and lead to its escape , and still exist and they still work on it , despite his Majesty’s repeated talk, there is a need for coordination among all state institutions to resolve this crisis , 

Considering all that would disrupt the movement of foreign investments, as if there are hidden hands keen to keep the situation as it is, can not be reasonable to consider this failure in good faith, never. The disease is well known, and its treatment is available through a real will. It provides a clear road map for investment, which is based on reviewing all the laws that repel investment, providing facilities such as those granted by other countries, for fees and taxes, and respect for the investor . The escape of investors, a feature that has become a feature of Jordan, and the return to the den of the Kingdom requires strenuous efforts to erase the grim picture painted by our hands, without realizing that we no longer have the luxury of time and our economy is no longer able to withstand more.
Then “Al Razzaz” must hold accountable all who leads us to this degraded  point 

Translated by : Dana Al-Shoubaki


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