Afeefa the Turkish dreamy medical student with the help of 5 million Syrian refugees.

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She learns Arabic language in the kingdom and she assures that she will carry a beautiful picture of Jordan.
 ALANBAT- Nemat AlKhoura


The student, Afeefa ozkal from turkey reflects a unique picture of Turkish Muslims , she is a student  that aspires to learn medicine so she can help others heal from diseases, aside to her faith in that the human should engage with his society in other fields.
The 22-year-old Afeefa didn’t choose the medicine field in vain, but because she wanted to serve people who needs help, especially the displaced people from Syria and Africa, to transform her childhood dream which was studying law like her father and brother, to studying medicine to help 5 million Syrian refugees in Turkey, according to what “Al Anbat” stressed.
Afeefa turned to learn Arabic language, so she chose Jordan to be the gate that moves her to this language’s world, as she stressed that she has a big passion of traveling to get to know other countries cultures, traditions and families. 
She added that she came to Jordan for approximately one and a half month to learn Arabic language in one of the centres, as the Arabic language is considered the mother tongue for every Muslim on this earth, indicating that she lives with a Jordanian family that is close to her family, and they welcomed her like she is one of the family, so she never felt like she left hers.
She drew attention to that she has a big passion in learning Arabic language until she masters reading Quran and then the ability of dealing with Syrian refugees in her country Turkey , and contributing in teaching the Syrian children math, that’s why she wanted to be close in dealing with them.
She also said that she was put in a situation during her visit to Quds occupied city, that led to her holding on learning Arabic language, whereas she couldn’t understand what the Friday prayer Imam of the mosque was saying, which made her sad, as she also has a lot od Arab friends.
In Jordan , Afeefa didn’t look for tourist areas as much as she was looking in the traditions of the Jordanian people , how they eat , what they wear, their family atmospheres because she believes that feeling with others and being close to them is achieved through recognizing them closely, not from the tourist website in their countries, they are secondary things.
She said she loved Jordan very much, stressing that the kingdom is better than other countries in dealing with people.
She indicated that from engaging with the Jordanian people she felt that they hold love and appreciation for her president Rajab Tayeb Ardogan, for what achievements he granted the country and the Turkish people with, in addition to his position towards Arabs and Muslims especially the Palestinian case and the Holy Quds , she found at that time that there are shared habits between the two countries and preferring the Turkish food that is delicious.
She added that “she will return to her country Turkey carrying with her a beautiful picture of Jordanian families , and the beauty of its archaeological sites, especially that she visited Salt , Madaba, Petra, and Aqaba”.
“Al Anbat” meeting with Afeefa extended to hours, which she talked during it about different subjects, as this girl has excitement to read Quran perfectly, understanding its meanings, and that Arabic language must be every muslims language.
She drew attention to that Turkey lives today at its best, especially with the presence of the President Ardogan with put big fingerprints in the economic field and led it to progress. 
Afeefa is looking forward to achieving her dream in studying law. As she joins periodically the association of doctors without limits, and she visited several countries for helping the sick and the wounded from all countries of the world.

Translated by : Yasmeen AbuBaker


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