Palestine is between a national reconciliation and a pass-through deal 

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After the Jewish nation-state and Israel not needing a partner 

 Arouri parade opens heavy questions about pacification and Hamas’s role

Abbas meets with the King today and flies to Doha tomorrow without any programming 

Al Qahira holds the file and threatens Abbas and promises Hamas

ALANBAT-Amman- Omar Kallab 


In the moment that Qahira keeps the secrets of reconciliation and its keys by the trilateral cooperation between it, Russia, and entity Government, the president Mahmoud Abbas goes across King Hussein Bridge and he reaches Amman, to meet with His Majesty King Abdullah today then he leaves to Doha, as if what he is going to hear from the King will be a road map to him for talking with Doha, it’s his only outlet on Hamas movement to resolve the controversy of the Palestinian reconciliation that gets closer and farther away , as if we are playing hide and seek-one of our generation’s childhood games, where one of us used to hide the belt while the other one looks for it using indicative messages, we used to say hot or cold, hot if he gets close to it and cold if he moves away, similarly the meeting will be an opportunity for dynamic interaction with the influential capitals that Abbas will go to. 
The king is returning from a discreet visit to Washington and all the centers of actions and influence, even if in some days it carries the name of special visit, and I think it’s a dynamic name for the most dangerous and the most important visit with the US administration, the length of which cannot be justified without special or annual leave.
The Palestinian reconciliation comes in Palestinian circumstance that may not need reconciliation; the US administration gave the entity state all the needed support to impose a reality on the ground, to move from the establishment of the State of Israel to the stabilization of the foundation of the Jewish state. To clarify the situation more, they should return to the first document that Israel filed to obtain the UN membership, and the talk her is for the member of the senior Supreme Council , Kamal Nasser , who says that Israel submitted its request to the UN to join as a Jewish state, but the US president Truman at that time deleted the Jewish state and wrote the state of Israel, but Trump rewritten what Truman deleted, which means changing the rules of engagement and confrontation with the US administration and the Zionist enemy, because the acceptance of the state of Israel is no longer, because it is accepted now, but we are talking about its character not about its existence.
This historic settlement bears the reasons for the need to delay reconciliation or its non productivity today, what should be known is that the state must remain unilateral and there is no unified Palestinian party allowed to become a partner.  
The reconciliation today, after receiving the American green light and Israeli blessing, raises suspicion because it’s not reconciliation on the ground of resistance or engagement with the Zionist enemy, Hamas should offer a long term calming period, which Abbas has already presented with his movement Fatah, and the resolution in this file is what the Kings will say after the long visit to the US which he is supposed to return to in next September. The files are thorny and tools differed and Arab states today are talking about the Palestinian case as any remote state that supports and objects to the decisions and are no longer partner in this case which led Jordan into carrying more than its capacity. 
Abbas in Jordan is news that wasn’t exciting in the past by virtue of his semi residence in it, but today it’s the most exciting news because of what’s posed on the Palestinian arena, of internal compromises and suspicious understandings between Hamas and the occupying state, the scene of the parade leader Saleh Arouri  said much more than the movement and it head of political office, about the meeting which we will know details of, after the return of Hamas delegation to Cairo, which removed the Fatah reservations and sent reassurances to Abbas , waiting for Hamas’s final position that started to lean towards the reconciliation to ensure the movement a heavy political presence. The parades scene needs to be read over and over again, and the authority luster seduced the mosques preachers, at a turning point where Israel no longer needs a partner in the negotiations because after the Jewish nation state, the scene and the conflict tools changed.

Translated by : Yasmeen AbuBaker


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