Terrorist plots targeting vital and population groups

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Al Mbaideen: 12 hours after Fuheis operation led us to crime leads No declaration of terrorist’s names or external links until this moment Ghnaimat: Detecting terrifying quantities of explosives  Al Hawatmeh: The terrorist cell was newly created  Al Hmoud: we call for no circulation of rumors  Johina News -Amman – Alaa Alaan and Tariq Abu Obeid The Minister of Interior, Sameer Al Mbaideen said that the security services managed the Fuheis terrorist operation after 12 hours, during which an explosive device was detonated via remote control to reach the leads of the crime after a precise process of gathering information through high level security coordination. That came during the joint press conference held on Monday by Interior Minister Sameer Mbaideen, State Minister for Information Affairs, government spokesman Jumana Ghnaimat, General of the Gendarmerie, Major General Hussein Al Hawatmeh, and the Director of Public Security Major General Fadel Al-Hmoud in the General Directorate of Gendarmerie Headquarters in the Martyrs' Hall, Sa'd Al-Maaytah, to talk about the overall security situation in the Kingdom in the presence of local, Arab, and international media. Al Mbaideen included that the security services after determining the location of the terrorists took a decision to raid their place in Naqb AlDabour with the presence of a joint security force that prepared a solid plan for that.  Al Mbaideen pointed out that the security force before the incursion sent successive calls to the terrorists to get out of the building they were in. They  responded to the security services by firing and detonating the building, killing four members of the security services, the martyrs (leader Moaz al-Huwaiteat, Sergeant Hisham Abdel Rahman, Sergeant Mohammad Al Haiagneh, and First soldier Mohammed Bani Yasin, wounding 10 soldiers and killing three terrorists. He noted that the names of the terrorists will not be announced, stressing at the same time that all of them are Jordanian citizens carrying ISIS ideology that is encouraging but not organized. He added that the investigations are ongoing and that several people have been arrested and are now being subjected to secret interrogation. He said that the investigations revealed plans to target security points and population groups through the use of homemade explosives, stressing that the investigation revealed acid substances and explosive devices found in the underground buried, and experts blew them in their positions. He stressed that he would not announce the names of the terrorists indicating that they are Jordanians and until this moment they don’t have any external links.He concluded his speech by saying that Jordan presented the martyrs yesterday and these are not the first martyrs or the last and this is the tax of our moderate positions. Director of the gendarmerie Major General Hussein al-Hawatmeh said that the explosive device that exploded in the security bus in Fuheis was planted in the place, indicating that after the incident, the security services did not issue any statement on the cause of the explosion if a gas bomb or otherwise, indicating that the security has nothing to do with that statements, Where official statements were limited to investigations in the incident. Al Hawatmeh said that the Interior Ministry issued a statement explaining the circumstances of the incident, noting that the operation began at 5 o’clock, and the building was evacuated from the civilian population and then the terrorists blew it up therefore security agents were killed.  He said that the operation was carried out quickly because it was found that the cell would carry out another operation that would harm vital interests. The terrorist operations would rely on information in the possession of these terrorists and to prevent a major crime it was done quickly without injuring civilians.   He said that when the explosion took place, the place was swept and five terrorists were arrested and 3 civilians were killed. Civil defense cadres evacuated the bodies of the injured and the operation was not easy, but the time was pressuring. The cell was newly established and carried Takfirist ideology and the nature of its objectives indicates that every citizen is infidel. And if these terrorists have a monitored security history, Hawatmeh said that the information available for the security services is that it’s a newly created cell and they are people who belong to Takfirist ideology recently , adding that those who newly belong to the ideology of darkness are more motivated compared to those with experience. The director of public security, Major General Fadel Al Hmoud, said that security had roles, where he worked to isolate the place to carry out the operation and closed some roads to transport citizens who were injured by the terrorist act. Al Hmoud called for the non-gathering of citizens so that the security services can do their duty and stay away from rumors as there is official media that provides citizens with information.  The Minister of State for Information and Government Spokesman Jumana Ghneimat said that the file of the Salt operation was in a collective manner and there was keen to provide the information peace by peace. Ghneimat revealed that the amount of explosives seized after the operation was terrifying and it was possible to have a large number of similar incidents in different parts of the Kingdom and was ready to work. She said that there is a circulation of non-humanitarian information bearing the names of martyrs and their photographs in addition to false news that hinder the work of the security services. She criticized the live broadcast through the means of communication by citizens, pointing out that this broadcast impedes the work of the security services because this type of terrorist cells have knowledge of technology, which confused the work to some extent. "The battle of Jordan with terrorism is open, and the Salt cell is no exception," she said. "We as a country are fighting this battle against terrorists. This is proof of what happened in Salt, in a building where women and children were massacred, regardless of human values, and we as a Government have to develop a strategy to combat extremism, in partnership with the media, and society. "If there is no response, Jordan is in an open battle with this organization, but it is part of the battle for the organization," Ghnaimat said. Explain photos: Security Conference 1: Ministers and heads of security services during the conference Conference Security 2: Media Conference Conference Security 3: Media Conference Relay Translated by : Yasmeen AbuBaker 



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