92,000 visitors and tourists spent Eid al-Adha in Aqaba

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92,000 visitors and tourists spent Eid al-Adha in Aqaba

Alanbat - Alaqaba - Khalil Alfraih


92 thousand tourists spent Eid Al-Adha vacation at Al-Aqaba, where the average of nights spent in the costal city reached 2.1 nights, in different residences, hotels, camps and dorms according to the study done by the authorities at the entrance of Aqaba around the clock and 13755 questioners were distributed to all arrivals of Aqaba through the out-lets costumes.
Head commander of the special area Nasser al Shraida addressed saying: eid days in Aqaba went quietly pointing out to all the hard working authorities at the time of the vacation of al eid, it had a positive effect in visitors services that fits Aqaba and it’s tourists that went there to relax.
Shraida added that the statistics done by the authorities over the vacation of Eid showed that 11347 visitor and tourist spent it in various hotels in Aqaba, while 21953 visitor spent it in residential apartments and 11092 people spent it at family’s and friend’s houses and 26684 spent it camping on the beach of al Aqaba, 13675 visitor  per day came without spending the night who came in 342 travel busses.
The vehicles that entered Aqaba during the vacation reached 12678 small vehicles and 768 average vehicle and 561 big buss.
From Al-ytam/ Al-Mzafar customs centre 
74446 visitor entered, from wadi araba 10305 visitor and from international passages 8070 tourist entered, from the bay 633 and from al dura 2011, from the airport 620, and from the southern passage 3808, and through tourism boats 988 tourist entered.
Al-Shuraida confirmed the growth of hotel occupancy during the Eid holiday, which reached 100% in the five star hotels while hotels of the four-star class and below the occupancy rate reached 90%. He pointed out that what distinguished the visitors of Aqaba during the Eid holiday is the diversity between local visitors and foreign tourists Who came to Aqaba.

He explained that the staff of the health control worked around the clock during the holiday and intensified control over all food that is offered and sold in the food facilities to provide visitors and residents with foodstuffs according to the required specifications and in order to ensure that all kinds of food provided to citizens healthy and fit for consumption, Of food and non-edible foods, and 42 health complaints submitted by citizens were dealt with.

He pointed out to the sharp decline in some behaviors contrary to instructions from visitors during the Eid holiday, such as assault on marine life, coral and swimming in other places allocated to it and the streets, parks and public squares, pointing out that the visitor movement concentrated intensively on the beaches of Aqaba and the middle and the hotel area.

He pointed out the implementation of the "Leave it clean " Campaign organized by the Environment and Regional Affairs Commission at the Wadi Al-Yatm and Wadi Araba Customs Centers. The aim was to clean the environment around the two centers of all types of random waste and to dispose of them in partnership with Aqaba Youth Center, The joint municipal services, the Orpasir company and the cadres of the Environment Directorate.

Alshraideh pointed out that The Minister of Environment in the Authority of the Special Region, during the Eid Al-Adha holiday, promoted the implementation of the Eid Plan, which was implemented through the implementation of the air quality control plan in Aqaba through the monitoring stations. In the southern industrial zone and the detection of the places of sacrificial slaughter and the violation of all those who are slaughtered outside the designated places and the disclosure of tourism projects under implementation and abide by the conditions and instructions of public safety.

The media center also organized a campaign to distribute awareness leaflets, including tourist sites in Aqaba, archeological sites, camping areas, swimming areas and awareness guides to preserve the marine environment during the Eid holiday and a statistical survey of the number of visitors to Aqaba during the Eid holiday.

On the same level, the company responsible for the cleanliness of the Aqaba Urbassir intensified its work during the Eid holiday and collected 1047 tons of waste during the holiday and 209 tons daily. The waste of Eid sacrifice was also disposed of and buried in the landfill so as not to affect the environment The city was under strict control of the cadres of the Directorate of the Regions Administration, which worked on spraying lime under the containers of waste and was sprayed with diesel to prevent the multiplication of flies and then sterilization of containers that are unloaded as well as cleaning all areas of camping and areas of the beaches of the middle and south, which witnessed a great intensity in the number of visitors.

The Directorate of the beaches in the Authority continued to monitor the beaches and provide extension services for holidaymakers and visitors and follow-up control on the protection of marine life from tampering and the maintenance of public utilities on the beaches.

The authority of the Special Region has canceled all the artistic and theatrical activities to be held during the Eid holiday in solidarity with the martyrs of the homeland who were martyred in the face of terrorists in the cities of Fuheis and Salt.

Translated by : Diana alkelani


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