AlManaseer .. Led us to victory so we must stand by them.  

29-08-2018 12:16 PM News In English 406

AlManaseer .. Led us to victory so we must stand by them.  

Al-Anbat - Amman - Furat Omar

A group such as Al-Manaseer Group does not need to defend itself in a Jordanian society that saw the company's mechanisms with its own eyes. It volunteered to remove the snow from the closed streets of the Kingdom in the snow, and saw its buses carrying generous donations to the needy and poor throughout the Kingdom. It has about 20,000 employees and is considered to be the largest operational force in the Kingdom after the official establishment.

Four months ago, the group received warnings that it was under bombing especially after raising its investments inside the Palestinian territories. The Zionist machine began bombing the Manaseer Group, and its thinking head, Ziad AlManaseer. Unfortunately, this Zionist attack coincided with some of restrictions on the group's companies from internal parties, that we refrain from mentioning in respect of our own sources. The group did not expect this crisis, and perhaps did not take the warnings seriously, before spreading rumors to pursue the most influential group in the Jordanian economy.

Al Manaseer Group deserves support not only as a vital expression of the national capital but because it is a major part of its system. It is a huge operational force, in addition to its diversified investments and satisfying the needs of the Jordanian market in many strategic resources and main needs. Its entry in the Palestinian market at this time can not be read as an economic or investment project, but a national pilot project was a duty on the Arab sovereign funds entry, but Manaseer and his group stood on behalf of everyone in it.

Perhaps some actors got involved on the social networking sites with good intentions in the transfer of the news, but the root of the story begins from far, it is a major part of a war on the river and its banks and Jordan exclusively to fade his voice and collapse resistance in the face of the settlement projects despicable, and we had to warn and support the group as they mobilized their mechanisms and buses to support us all without exception, and the condolences of the group is that the living forces in the society won the national capital and the estimated social role of the group, which will remain incontestable to break or retreat from its role and its power is a national force for all.

Translated by : Yasmeen AbuBaker


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