"Sheikh " protects beggars in Aqaba

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Out of four reform 
"Sheikh " protects beggars in Aqaba


Aqaba - AlAnbat - Talal Al Kabariti
Alanbat learned from a close source that four people, including a reform sheikh and messengers of good, are protecting the beggars in Aqaba.
An eye witness said that he revealed the story in the presence of this Sheikh next to the beggar at the moment seized every time from the growing committee to fight begging and security.
The eyewitness added that this sheikh, after being arrested, waits for her in the security center until she is brought from the committee with the beggars and is offered to protect her from the bars of the detention until she is brought before the courts.
He revealed that this Sheikh receives a sum of 50 dinars for each guarantee submitted to the contractors to protect her from custody and to be represented after every case of seizure of the Committee and security men, as told by a beggar.

Translated by : Yasmeen AbuBaker


* تتم مراجعة كافة التعليقات من قبل ادارة الموقع.
* للادارة حق حذف اي تعليق يتضمن اساءة او خروج عن الموضوع المطروح, او ان يتضمن اسماء اي شخصيات او يتناول اثارة للنعرات الطائفية او المذهبية او العنصرية.
* للادارة الحق بحظر اي شخص يكرر المخالفات بنشر تعليقات غير مناسبة وايقافه عن التعليق بشكل نهائي.
* التعليقات تعبر عن رأي اصحابها فقط.