Aqaba Container Terminal hosts Middle East Maritime Exhibition

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In cooperation with the Aqaba Economic Zone Authority
Aqaba Container Terminal hosts Middle East Maritime Exhibition

AlAnbat - Aqaba - Khalil Al-Farayah


  In addition to its contribution to the translation of the Royal Vision to transform Aqaba into a logistics gateway, Aqaba Container Terminal, the world's preferred gateway to the Levant region and beyond, has announced its intention to host the 15th edition of the Middle East Maritime Transport and Logistics Support Exhibition, organized byTransport Events, which is one of the largest and most important annual marine exhibitions in the region, between the twenty-third and twenty-fifth of the month of next October for the year 2018.
The exhibition will increase the importance of the city of Aqaba, which has witnessed over the years a remarkable growth in all aspects. It has become one of the main engines of the national economy thanks to the projects and companies that work in it, including Aqaba Container Terminal, which has won many awards and international acclaim, And employs a distinguished workforce of which Jordanians constitute 99.6%, which allows growth and development at the regional level.
The exhibition will bring together a large number of executive delegations and leading personalities as representatives of more than 300 international and global companies in the shipping, and related sectors such as export, import, ports, management, operation and supply chains, as well as a number of financial institutions such as the European Bank for Development and Reconstruction EBRD) and the French Development Agency (AFD).
The exhibition will host key speakers with expertise in the transport and supply sector who will share their views on the strategic needs of various countries to develop transport’s logistics infrastructure socially and environmentally sustainable, all through revolutionary digital technology that will accompany the next industrial revolution. Speakers include Professor Sheffy of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Director of the Transportation and Logistics Center at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Wolfgang Limachir, World Economic Forum Transport and Logistics Officer, Sue Barrett, Head of Transport Sector, European Development Bank, the executive chief for “stop 1” company Michael Boary. The exhibition, for the first time in the Levant region, will provide an overview of the industry-leading and innovative TradeLens platform based on Blockchain, which industry leaders and some port and customs authorities in many countries have begun to adopt.
"We are proud to host the 15th edition of the Middle East Maritime Transport and Logistics Support Exhibition, which is part of our series of programs and initiatives with our strategic partners, Aqaba Development Corporation (ADC) and the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA), to highlight the many features and investment opportunities of the Kingdom. We believe that the city of Aqaba, which has an ideal geographical location is ready to serve as a promising future logistics gateway to the Levant region. " said Steven Yogalingham,the executive manager of Aqaba Container Terminal. The exhibition will have many benefits that will benefit the national economy, as it will contribute to the promotion of the city of Aqaba tourism, as well as the promotion of Jordanian trade and industry" commented Stephen Yogalingham, CEO of Aqaba Container Terminal.
The three-day event will be supported by a group of official sponsors, including the hospitality partner InterContinental Aqaba, the Royal Jordanian Air Transport Partner, the Transport and Tourism Partner, Discovery Pessbook Travel and Tourism, in addition to Media Partner Magazine, Ship Captain, which is the first specialized magazine In the Arab world within the maritime transport sector, along with the exclusive telecom partner Orange Jordan.

Translated by : Yasmeen AbuBaker


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