Amman is a Mosaic from the outside 

-2018-09-01 12:41:45 | News In English


Amman is a Mosaic from the outside  Omar Kallab  Not all travel is a space to relax. There is an opportunity to reflect and read the image from afar, through the new spaces and virtual worlds that give you a grasp of the opportunity and vision from multiple angles,As if you see the pages of rejectionists, correspondents, MPs, or the facilitators, ministers, and the rest of the political scene,The percentage of reflection increased thanks to the two steps estimated to inform the Royal Court to open the Diwan space for electronic sites, which extracted the legitimacy of its presence by monitoring and watching,Despite all attempts at the subjective  dislocation of the new body. Web sites celebrated - and this is their right - the official recognition of the highest levels,Revealed the level of the threshold and not anger within it as a result of marginalization and exclusion and only to invest for the purposes of Nkia and settle accounts between politicians,They are able to balance the publication on the space spray in the communication sites and the national requirement to control the rhythm of the local time of the capital Amman, taking into account time differences.

The scene from the outside is monstrous and gives the citizen or observer an alarming picture, perhaps an approach to the scene through the margins of discrimination,Can be reduced by the approach of tiles and newspapers in terms of the size of the distance between the tile and its sister and between the piece of newspapers and the counterpart or adjacent,In countries such as Egypt, the scene from outside is closer to the cutting of tiles with the differences between the spectra and Egyptian political formations,It is true that there is a distance between the tiles and there is a thin line separator "kohl or rouba", but in Jordan, such as cutting the tiles  where the distance is clear,Where the tiles are harmonic in size, unlike the pieces of the tiles , which are very different in shape and space, making Jordan tangled and not coherent, except for moments of shock, as if the cohesion of the community needed more shocks and terrorist operations.

As if the cohesion of society required more shocks and terrorist operations. The area of ​​observation from the outside reveals the society's auror, which is only singing in the dead, as if the neighborhoods are human targets that can be snatched at any moment and whisper,The amount of sympathy for the dead would have brought them back to life if we had given them half of this sympathy. However, the funeral is not delivered from some of the preliminaries, from attending this and the absence of that, until the prayers are observed and just a gesture from the worshiper enough to put him in the range of bombing,without asking about who leave the whole pray to take a picture for a prayer, We do not know if the prayer  tampering with his phone or received a serious call or turn it on the status of silence, every whisper is observed without calculating the prestige of the shadows of places.


The most dangerous sites are those related to football that reveal the falseness of our unity and cohesion, and even expose publicly the size of the Alkhalp between the community newspapers,The war is full of redundancy and all weapons are available, forbidden and others, in a surreal scene that sweeps all the social cohesion that prevailed during the farewell of the martyrs,We thank God that one of them did not pay attention to his successor. He saw what he was paying to regret the martyrdom for such a torn society and were filled with suspicion, suspicion, gossip and hatred.We need units and units to fight extremism and terrorism and not to one unit and we need strict decisions to control electronic tampering,It is not reasonable for politicians to rush to arrest dozens of terrorists in order to harm them, while we leave the abusers of the security of the country to enjoy the comfort and smile on the wounds of the whole country. "   Translated by : Diana Hilal Al kelani