Majdalani to the “AlAnbat”: The position of the Palestinian leadership on the two-state solution has not changed

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Majdalani to the “AlAnbat”: The position of the Palestinian leadership on the two-state solution has not changed

President Abbas' talk about a confederation with Jordan is fragmented

AlAnbat- Ramallah- Alaa Alaan


The President of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) Ahmed Majdalani affirmed the steadfast position of the Palestinian leadership on the two-state solution, noting that the official Palestinian position on the two-state solution has not changed.  Majdalani said in a special statement to AlAnbat that the statements attributed to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas by accepting the option of confederation with Jordan is inaccurate.  Majdalani said that the president's speech was incomplete and inaccurate after a meeting with a group of Israeli peace supporters on Sunday. Majdalani noted that the Palestinian presidential spokesman issued a statement saying that the confederation has been on the Palestinian leadership's agenda since 1984, stressing the Palestinian leadership's adherence to the two-state solution, which is the entrance to any special relationship with Jordan, Which is freely decided by the two nations. Majdalani stressed that the basis of the political solution is the two-state solution. Regarding the acceptance of the Palestinian leadership as a tripartite federation (Jordan Palestine Israel), Majdalani said that this is not mind-boggling news, which is a news item from the Israeli newspaper Haaretz. He called for a great deal of scrutiny in the words of the Israeli media. On the nature of the meeting that took place in Ramallah with the Israelis, Majdalani said that the meeting was held in Ramallah on Sunday with the president and was attended by a group of the Israeli Peace Now movement and other Israeli parties, pointing out that these meetings are normal and there is a formal Palestinian committee to communicate with the Israeli society on a permanent basis. The official spokesman of the Palestinian presidency, Nabil Abu Rudeineh, said Sunday that the idea of ​​a confederation has been on the agenda of the Palestinian leadership since 1984 and that the leadership's position since then confirms that the two-state solution is the entrance to the special relationship with Jordan. Abu Rudeineh added that the decision of the Confederation was decided by the two nations. 

Translated by: Yasmeen AbuBaker