Re-launching the direct airline between Morocco and Amman soon

12-09-2018 11:51 PM News In English 799

AlAnbat - Amman - Nemat Al-khawara


Diplomatic sources told Al-Anbat that an agreement was made between the Jordanian and Moroccan governments on re-launching the direct airline between Jordan and Morocco in the coming period, which was stopped for many years because of economic futility.
The sources added that the Moroccan Airlines with the re-launching of the line has opened the office of the Moroccan Airlines in Amman, noting that the flights between the two countries will be three flights a week.
The source pointed out that the re-launching of the direct airline between Casablanca and Amman will contribute to strengthening the ties between the two parties and intensifying visits at all levels of political, economic and tourism, pointing out that this step will be greatly appreciated by the Moroccan and Jordanian people for facilitating their movement between the two countries.
The flights between Jordan and the Kingdom of Morocco are currently transit through several countries including the UAE, Lebanon, Turkey and Egypt.

Translated by: Yasmeen AbuBaker


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