Jordanians celebrate the "Hebrew" year in Eilat

-2018-09-20 16:01:30 | News In English

Al-Anbat - Amman - Alaa Allan

A hotel in the occupied city of Eilat was organized last week celebration for Jordanian workers working at the hotel in connection with the occasion of the Jewish New Year. In the details, the "AlAnbat" learned from their sources that the ceremony was attended by a number of workers, where performances were performed by an Israeli band, as part of the festivities held during the Jewish holidays this period. The Jewish New Year holiday is an official holiday for the occupation, and religious and social rituals are carried out, such as blowing the trumpet in the synagogue and the family eating with each other. It is noteworthy that in the Hebrew calendar the month of September is the last month of Jewish year, following the end of the Hebrew calendar, the first two major Jewish festivals in the year, namely New Year's Day followed by so-called Yom Kippur(forgiveness day). It is worth mentioning that the workers in the occupied Eilat justify their work there because of the lack of employment opportunities in their home, forcing them to work to improve the level of income, while faced with sharp criticism by the committees against the normalization of trade union, because it is popularly rejected.

Translated by: Yasmeen AbuBaker