Countering terrorism requires exceptional efforts regionally and globally, says interior minister

الخميس-2019-10-10 | 01:39 pm محليات

Minister of Interior, Salameh Hammad, said confronting terrorism and its tools requires extraordinary efforts at the regional and international levels to dry up its financing sources and suppress all attempts to spread it.

The minister's remarks came during his meeting on Thursday with the Anti-Terrorism Commissioner and Chinese Deputy Minister of National Security, Liu Yuejin, and the accompanying delegation.

The discussions dealt with means of boosting bilateral cooperation, especially in the field of combating terrorism, extremism and crime through exchanging information and activating joint partnership in this context, in addition to the current developments in the region and their repercussions on local, regional and international levels.

During the meeting, Hammad said the wise Hashemite leadership dealt with terrorism as a global concern and an epidemic that must be eradicated and combated by all possible means, pointing to the Aqaba meetings held by His Majesty King Abdullah II with leaders of many countries in this regard.

He also pointed to His Majesty's continuous speeches in various regional and international forums to alert of the dangers of terrorism to global security and peace and the need to mobilize international energies to counter and eliminate it.

"Any country's security system and political stability is directly affected by terrorism, and its instruments of terrorist organizations and their supporters and incubators," he said, adding: "Perhaps the region's successive political crises provided a fertile environment for terrorism to grow, to lure terrorists, and to spread this extremist dark thought, posing a real threat to humanity as a whole, and negatively affect the march of development".

On the Kingdom's anti-terror fight, he said Jordan's efforts in combating terrorism are proceeding according to a systematic plan in terms of security and ideology, which has become a reference for the world countries in dealing with terrorist organizations, pointing out that His Majesty has launched the Amman Message to address many misconceptions about Islam, and clarify its true teachings based on brotherhood, peace and tolerance.

Regarding the challenges facing Jordan, he said the repeated waves of refugees that the Kingdom is facing from several nationalities have put "enormous" pressure on its economic resources, stressing that Jordan, under his wise leadership, cannot close its doors to those who seek security and safety, based on its established humanitarian principles.