Lower House rejects U.S Secretary of State's remarks on settlements

الثلاثاء-2019-11-19 | 01:34 pm برلمان

Members of the Lower House of Parliament on Tuesday categorically rejected the U.S Secretary of State's remarks on the Israeli settlements in the West Bank, in which he declared Washington no longer sees the settlements as inconsistent with international law.

Acting Lower House Speaker, Nassar Al Qaisi, affirmed the support of His Majesty King Abdullah II's call for a just solution to the Palestinian issue based on a two-state solution, and the illegality of the Israeli settlements.

Al Qaisi called on the U.S. administration "not to manipulate the interests of people," describing the remarks of the Secretary of State as a violation of international norms and conventions, and a denial of the United Nations resolutions adopted by the U.S. itself. "It is a perpetuation of the Arab-Israeli conflict and a torpedo to all peace efforts." he added.

A statement by the Lower House members called on all regional and international parliamentary forums to denounce the U.S. disgraceful disregard for international legitimacy, which blatantly revealed the true face of the American foreign policy.

"The credibility of the international powers, especially the permanent members of the Security Council and international and humanitarian organizations is now dependent on the extent to which they stand before the U.S. defiance of the international legitimacy." the statement added.