Fighting corruption regardless of levels of its practitioners, perpetrators - says official

Friday-2020-07-10 | 08:58 pm محليات

The Integrity and Anti-Corruption Commission (JIACC) Chairman Muhannad Hijazi stressed, on Friday, that the watchdog body is coming into a promising new stage aimed at maximizing work to spread the principles of integrity, and intensify national efforts to combat corruption.

Hijazi made his remarks as he met with a number of the commission's officials at the JIACC headquarters, adding that fighting corruption will take place regardless of levels of its practitioners, perpetrators, and their social and official status.

He pointed out that the various segments of society whether they are officials or citizens have felt on the ground the accomplishments and gains currently being made by the commission.

Hijazi urged the officials at the JIACC to enforce the law, away from character assassination.