Al-Daghmi presents the Syrian repercussions on Al-Mafraq

-2019-03-11 11:11:53 | almafraq


During his participation in the Conference on Migration and Local Government in the Netherlands

Al-Anbat - Al-Mafraq - Yousef Al -Mashaqbeh 

The Mayor of Mafraq Amer Nayel al-Daghmi said that he presented at the International Conference on Migration and Local Government held in Holland a comprehensive presentation of the municipality's successful experience to face the repercussions of Syrian asylum in the governorate, considering Za'tari camp, one of the largest Syrian refugee camps in the region and in the world, through the statement of efforts exerted to successfully deal with this crisis and its various areas.

He said in a press statement on his return to the homeland after he participated in the conference that the future repercussions were also mentioned in light of the reduction of support provided by the international organizations of the municipalities, especially as the return of the Syrians to their country, Which would constitute a predictable crisis in the face of the burden of Syrian asylum on the municipalities, and since the numbers are still in place, and without sufficient support to meet the requirements of the citizens of the services to the areas where there are large numbers of refugees.

Al-Daghmi said that the next five years need to develop an integrated plan to deal with the repercussions of the crisis and to alleviate the burdens of some municipalities towards the service of refugees. He pointed out the success of Mafraq municipality in dealing with international organizations in support of some municipal programs and projects, which was a real example of the municipal work towards the optimal investment of such programs, which the citizen may touch the results on the ground.

Al-Daghami said that the coordination and cooperation with the Federation of Dutch Municipalities in the future through the possibility of implementing joint projects that would contribute to benefit from the experiences of countries participating in the conference and promote development programs and services that benefit the citizens.

Translated by: Yasmeen AbuBaker