-2019-04-29 13:16:41 | technology

Samsung Electronics Levant, which looks after five markets in the region,shared thatfollowing Samsung’s introduction of its 2019 QLED 4K and 8K TVs lineup across several international markets, reviews of the positive and “highly recommended” types were made by notable US and UK business and specialized publications.

Beginning with FORBES, the renowned American business magazine thatfeatures original articles and reports on finance, industry, investing, marketing, technology, communications, science, politics, and law, quotes from its review of 28 February 2019 titled “Tearing Up The LCD Rule Book” state:

“Also, far fromshowing a Samsung that’slostinterest in its LCD/QLED technology, the $3,500 QN65Q90R (QE65Q90R in Europe) successfullydeliverstwohugepicturequality innovations thatredefineour expectations of what LCD technology can do.”


“First, it more or less solves LCD’straditionalviewing angle problem. You can watch the 65Q90R fromessentiallyany angle withoutpictureslosingeithercolor or contrast.”


“What’s more, the set’sfundamental black levelisincredible. If a film contains a cut to black, the screengoescompletely black. So muchsothatyou can scarcelyseeit’sstill running even in a blacked out room.”

(From the Forbes Contributor Network and not necessarily the opinion of Forbes Media LLC. ©2019, Forbes Media LLC. Used with Permission.)


In another FORBES review, “The Best QLED TV Yet,” dated 20 March 2019, the Consumer Tech contributorreinforceshisarticle’stitle by saying, “Detaillevels are amazing. The extra subtlety in colorblends and shadesissoextremethatyoufeel like you’relooking at the real world ratherthan a TV screen. The sense of three-dimensionality in some of the images (thanks to the way the extra detailresolves a more distant horizon and a more refinedsense of spacewithinthat extra depth of field) isso intense that I actuallyfeltdizzyduring a shot looking straight down on New York sprawled out below.”

(From the Forbes Contributor Network and not necessarily the opinion of Forbes Media LLC. ©2019, Forbes Media LLC. Used with Permission.)


As for TRUSTED REVIEWS, one of the largest reviews websites in the UK of the latest mobile phones, laptops, cameras, gadgets and home appliances, and growing fast, it reserved dedicated articles for Samsung QLED 4 K and Samsung QLED 8K TVs.

Introducing the Samsung QE65Q90R in his article of 6 March 2019 as the “brand’s flagship 65-inch 4K QLED TV for 2019,” TRUSTED REVIEWS’ tech contributor went on to qualify it as “a status justified by the introduction of a groundbreaking backlighting system that gets closer than any TV before it to combining the brightness advantages of LCD screens with the viewing angles and contrast prowess of OLED.”

His analysis was capped by the verdict: “The QE65Q90R is a stellar TV that sets a mighty high bar for the rest of 2019's TV contingent to follow.”

In his other article dated 3 April 2019, TRUSTED REVIEWS’ tech contributor had this to say: “The Samsung QE82Q950R is the first model from the Korean brand’s second generation of 8K TVs. It sports an 82-inch screen, and improves over Samsung’s original Q900R 8K sets in multiple ways. In particular, it carries Samsung’s new wide-angle viewing technology, better connectivity, and an improved 8K upscaling system. And the results are nothing short of spectacular.”

Here the article was capped by the verdict: “The combination of an 8K resolution with stunning brightness, contrast and color adds up to the best king-sized TV pictures we've ever seen.”

In turn, WHAT HI-FI?,the magazine which is a global buying guide to consumer electronics, featuring reviews and articles on hi-fi, home cinema, television and home audio, conferred points of the highest order on Samsung 2019 QLED TV in its 28 February 2019 review of the QE65Q90R 4K model. Its article includes the key statements “Even at the widest angles, colors remain vibrant and blacks remain pure,” and “The new Quantum Processor 4K shares many of the attributes of the Quantum Processor 8K, introduced with the Q900R range, including its AI-based [Artificial Intelligence-based] approach to upscaling, which uses a vast and increasing database of images used to create a more accurate algorithm,”and it ends on a verdict that“The Samsung Q90R QLED is an exceptional TV that does things previously considered inherent advantages of OLED.”