As if Made from One Piece: GROHE Offers Individual System Solutions for the Entire Work Area Around the Kitchen Sink

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GROHE Composite Sinks in two colors and five designs complement established range of stainless-steel sinks GROHE Kitchen Colors transform faucets and sinks into colorful kitchen highlights Made-to-measure waste systems are compatible with GROHE Blue and GROHE Red water systems

Amman, 29May 2019. Filling pots, preparing food and doing the dishes after a delicious meal:Oftentimesthings have to go fast and it can get a little hectic when it comes tohot pots and pans. The work area around the kitchen sink plays a crucial role in this process and is used countless times day after day and encounters high levels of stress. At the same time, the kitchen is increasingly becoming the focal point of everyday life. Style and design are more and more important across all price segments. Here, GROHE offers individual system solutions for every requirement for the entire working area around ​​the kitchen sink. Quality, functionality, sustainability and design characterize the GROHE kitchen portfolio, which is perfectly matched in form and function. Together with other kitchen accessories, the products can be combined with various design options. The GROHE Kitchen Colors now also include selected sinks, faucets, and the GROHE Blue and GROHE Red water systems as well as accessories in timelessly trendy colors, injecting each kitchen an individual, colorfullook. New to the portfolio, GROHE now also offers waste systems that harmonize perfectly with the GROHE water systems under the kitchen sink and make free-standing waste bins in the kitchenunnecessary.

GROHE Composite Sinks –Perfect Fit of Form and Function

GROHE is expanding its range of kitchen sinks to include composite sinks in Granite Black and Granite Gray,offering thePerfectMatch to faucets with Chrome andSuperSteel finishesas well as GROHE Kitchen Colors. The features of the modern-looking composite sinks leave nothing to be desired, even for kitchen professionals. The surface is exceptionally resistant and withstands temperatures up to 280 °C. Even sharp knives cannot harm the sink’s scratch-resistant finish when preparing food, while its simple cleaning requirements make for a convenient wash-up after eating, making it easy to cleaneven large casserole dishesthanks to the sinks’generous size. And thanks to the noise-reducing GROHE Whisper insulation, the typical noisesthat occur when doing the dishes in the sink are reduced to a minimum. In five different designs, the composite sinks come with eitherone, one and a half ortwo basins and with or without drainer. Thanks to either the standard topmount model or theundermountversion underneath the sink, there is a suitable place in almost every kitchen. Just aswith the GROHE stainless-steel sinks in AISI 304 and AISI 316 alloys, the new composite sinks feature multiple pre-drilled holes and a GROHE QuickFix mounting kit for faucet and pop-upoperation, eliminating the need for additional tools during installation and making the whole process go fast and efficient. As standard, GROHE offers a 5-year warranty on its entire sink portfolio.


GROHE Kitchen ColorsBring ColorfulHighlights into the Kitchen

Thanks to the innovative PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) manufacturing process, GROHE brings color accents to the kitchen with selected faucets and sinks. The technology originates from the aerospace industry and has set a new standard forthe quality of finishes: Afinish that is three times harder compared to Chrome and ten times more resistant to scratches makes faucets and sinks not only look good, but alsobe capable to withstand the toughest everyday kitchen use. Consequently,consumers can createcolor accents to match their individual style. The K700U sink series with a basin depth of 20cm is available in the GROHE Colors Brushed Hard Graphite, Brushed Cool Sunrise and Brushed Warm Sunset which match perfectly with different faucet lines featuring brushed and polished finishes. A smaller, by no means less exclusive assortment of colors is available for the GROHE Blue and GROHE Red water systems, each of which adds a touch of color to the kitchen in Hard Graphite, Brushed Hard Graphite and Warm and Brushed Warm Sunset. The GROHE Kitchen Colors offer consumers almost unlimited combination possibilities in connection with the PerfectMatch of faucet and sink.


Made-to-Measure Waste Systems, Compatible with GROHE’sWater Systems

GROHE completes its fullportfolio of solutions for the work areaaround the kitchen sink with new waste systems. Suitable for swinging doors and extricable door mounting in the cabinet underneath the sink, these are dimensioned to match the GROHE Blue and GROHE Red water systems. Running rails, frame and waste bins are ideally matched to the space available withGROHE’s water systems and leave them enough room, makingfree-standing waste bins that are impractical and often cumbersome forworking in the kitchen a thing of the past. With the waste systems, the practical and functional work area of the kitchen sink remains fully intact and offers maximum conveniencefor your busy everyday life. Available for sink cabinets with a width of either 60 or 90cm, one, two or three waste containers can be used. Depending on the waste cabinet’s width, capacity combinations of 16 to a maximum of 40 litres are available.


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