Aqaba commercial aircraft submerged to attract divers

Tuesday-2019-08-27 | 01:40 pm alaqaba

The Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA) on Monday submerged a commercial Tristar aircraft as part of an underwater museum, which was set up in Aqaba waters as a tourist destination and a unique diving location.

His Royal Highness Crown Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah II attended the ceremony, after participating in a tactical military exercise at the military training field.

The Underwater Military Museum is considered a landmark in the Gulf of Aqaba as it showcases more than 30 military exhibits, including a tank, cannon, personnel carrier, and two helicopters.

ASEZA's Chairman of the Board of Commissioners, Nayef Bakhit, said the museum will promote scuba diving in Aqaba waters, and increase tourists' length of stay in the port city.

He stated that the submersion aims at fulfilling environmental goals to relieve pressure on natural and artificial coral reefs, and create habitats for corals and marine organisms.

The aircraft's location was picked based on technical and scientific studies, he added, noting that visitors can free-dive and easily access the Tristar and swim inside it.

Bakhit said the authority worked on developing the tourism product through various plans and programs, including diving which attracted 22,000 tourists in 2018, compared to 6,000 tourists in 2017.