Jordanian-Arab tourism media forum opens

Monday-2019-11-04 | 04:11 pm alaqaba

Chief Commissioner of the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA) Nayef Bakhit on Monday inaugurated the Jordanian-Arab Tourism Media Forum, organized by the Arab Center for Tourist Media and the Jordanian Association for Tourist Media, in cooperation with ASEZA and the Aqaba Chamber of Commerce.

Bakhit stressed the importance of national and Arab media in supporting Arab tourism in general, and tourism in the Golden Triangle "Aqaba, Wadi Rum and Petra" as one of Jordan's unique Arab tourism treasures.

Bakhit said this year's new airlines arrivals to the Aqaba's King Hussein Airport in comparison with previous years confirms confidence of international airlines in the Jordanian tourism sector, which "necessitates us to work continuously to link Aqaba with international markets to attract as many flights as possible".

He pointed out that the passenger port in Aqaba last season welcomed more than 50 ships carrying about 96,000 foreign tourists. Bakhit also noted the promotional and marketing plans of Aqaba and the Golden Triangle in cooperation with international companies specialized in maritime tourism.

He stressed that the increasing demand from international tourism markets on the Jordanian product placed the Kingdom among the best tourist destinations in the world to visit in 2019.

ASEZA chief commissioner pointed out that the Forum and its outputs will add an additional building block to ASEZA's efforts in increase the number of tourist arrivals, noting about one million tourists visited Aqaba and the Golden Triangle last year and set to increase in 2019.