Israel to deduct $43 million from PA’s funds

Sunday-2019-12-29 | 03:37 pm arabian_international

Israel's Defense Minister, Naftali Bennett, has on Sunday requested the safety cupboard’s approval to deduct 149 million shekels (some $43,084,252) from the tax cash Israel fees on behalf of the Palestinian Authority.

During a session of the mini-cabinet for political and security affairs on Sunday afternoon, Bennett will present a decision to deduct this amount from the PA's funds.

According to the Israeli newspaper, "Haaretz," the value of the deduction in the tax revenues announced by Bennett comes under the pretext this cash was paid as pensions to the martyrs' families and prisoners, adding the deduction will lead to a renewed crisis with the PA.

In July 2018, Israel handed a regulation in accordance with which every month it should withold funds from the tax cash it collects on behalf of the PA, which it’s obligated to ultimately switch to the Palestinians.