Closer Jordanian-Turkish economic cooperation urged

Wednesday-2020-07-01 | 05:34 pm economy

Boosting trade and economic cooperation with Turkey is an interest for the Jordanian economy, President of the Amman Chamber of Commerce Khalil al-Hajj Tawfiq said on Wednesday while discussing Jordanian-Turkish economic ties with Turkey's ambassador in Amman Ismail Aramaz.

Tawfiq said the chamber backs the reintroduction of the free trade pact between the two countries, which was canceled by the Jordanian government in 2018 citing adverse impact on local industries from Turkish imports.

However, Tawfiq said Jordan's imports from Turkey in 2019 picked up by 14 percent to a total of $882 million against $442 million in 2018. In turn, the Kingdom's exports to Turkey plunged by 43 percent in 2019 to stand at $43 million compared with $81 million in 2018, according to Tawfiq.

The Turkish ambassador called for expanding investments between the two countries, enhancing tourism cooperation and intensifying visits by commercial delegations when the coronavirus crisis comes to an end.