The counter-terrorism activities of the plateau to Aqaba

Amman Group for future dialogues continue the challenge

Alanbat – Amman, Aqaba.

Amman group for future dialogues is celebrating a year to their start, where they managed during the first year to achieve a distinctive presence in the intellectual and cultural life through their diversity of activities covering Jordan from the plateau to Aqaba and from east to west, covering various aspects of life through specialized working groups set up by the community to study the various files and national issues and contribute to preparing balanced and qualified a human being to become the basis for building a modern and sophisticated community.

Many files were discussed by specialized working teams formed by the Group’s members; starting with the education file and various ramifications, where education experts’ team engaged to examine all the components of this file for the purpose of providing an integrated vision on each of its components to access the advanced educational system serves the goals of sustainable development.

The Group also has paid special attention to the health file, through a team of health experts in various medical specialties carried by members of the Group. They had embarked on a study of all components of the health situation in the country and ways to develop them with a view to achieving concrete national achievements, especially at the level of universal health insurance, which has become an urgent necessity for every citizen.

In the framework of the Group interest in qualitative social change based on the awareness; the Group submitted an integrated road map to fix the imbalances in the overall behaviour and social habits through “Social Cohesion Document» issued by the Group and provided through an integrated set of solutions proposed process for overall social imbalances which plague our society.

As a contribution to the efforts to immunize society against intolerant and expiatory thought Amman Group for Future Dialogues launched “One Nation in the Face of Sedition of the Atonement Initiative » formed an integrated strategy to immunize society against intolerance and Atonement.

Amman Group for Future Dialogues cared for culture and media, children and youth, women and social responsibility and other files and issues which the Group’s teams are studying seriously in cooperation with the relevant authorities, to present the results of these studies to decision-makers and then follow them up to adopt the results of impartial experts from members of the Group.

In response to all these files and issues, Amman Group of Future Dialogues translates its philosophy into reality action. Believing they are performing a "National Mission», seeking to spread enlightened thinking which aims to positive change in society, through honing their endeavors for successful performance. Perhaps this is the secret for the great accomplishment achieved by Amman Group for Future Dialogues in its first year, which they are looking to build on in the coming years.