Students declare war on campus violence through “University of Jordan - Aqaba”

Professor Dr. Al-Lozi: The University is keen to promote the concepts of dialogue and acceptance of others

Aqaba – Omar Alsmadi


A Forum gathered the country’s public and private universities concluded yesterday under the title “University violence: causes and effects on youth and society”.

UJ vice president and UJ Aqaba president Prof. Musa Al Lozi, patronized the event in the presence of Aqaba Governor Hakem Almahamied

Over two days, specialists and researchers from various Jordanian universities examined the phenomenon of violence on college and university campuses in Jordan, its causes and effects on students and community, as well as measures and effort to respond to it.

Dr. Al-louzi emphasized on the University concern to strengthen the sense of belonging to the University environment and the local community for their students, through the promotion of a dialogue concept and accept the opinions of others and develop their capacity to manage crises to renounce the violence that occurs at universities which is becoming one of the haunting issues that drains energies and resources of universities.

The Forum comes in line with the concepts and visions of His Majesty King Abdullah II Bin Al-Hussein on many occasions, urging the need to enhance the role of youth to confront extremism and violence and help them refute that thought.

Dr. AlLozi added that the need for real recommendations to reduce violence, which threatens the peace of University community that lately, has been much talking about extremist ideology. This phenomenon has become a plague for the community where it threatens the nation's present and future.

 Dr. AlLozi said a framework has developed of this Forum to discuss issues related to violence and the issues of extremism in various dimensions and the extent of its impact on Jordanian youth in Jordanian universities. He also mentioned that the Forum has objective access to real and logical conclusions readings for the reality of violence and the need to combat it by all available means in Jordanian universities where this forum comes to complement the national role of the several actors to fight violence and extremism especially that Scientific Research Support Fund has recently published the results of an important national study in this context. ‘We in Aqaba branch realize that fighting campus violence is a red line that we must fight it relentlessly.’


She the Director of Local Community Networking and Development Center – Aqaba Majdoleen Alsbaihat welcomed all the forum participants and addressed her thanks to all those who provided support to make it success for what it contain of strategy to Jordanian society and students at universities.

Sbaihat said that the institutions of higher education in Jordan reached advanced degrees in the Arab world and has contributed in supplying labor markets with efficient and qualified human experience. And education in Jordan has become polarized to Arab and foreign students.

She added that this great achievement, sponsored by the Royal Hashemite leadership. Since the founding of the State of Jordan; His Majesty King Abdullah II Ibn Al Hussein continues to grants this sector and its students the attention and the interest to keeps Jordan at the highest education levels.  

Alsbaihat referred to the widening the violence circle in Jordanian universities recently. This has prompted the urge for Jordanian universities forum to discuss the phenomenon of (Student Violence: the causes and its impact on youth and society) in order to benefit from the experiences to find appropriate solutions and effective recommendations to reduce this phenomenon, which has become widespread in most institutions of higher education in Jordan and the consequent negative impact on our students and our reputation.